The Finals Season 3 needs to be a success otherwise the future will be very bleak

The Finals Season 3 needs to be a success otherwise the future will be very bleak
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The Finals Season 3 is right around the corner and it will be a pivotal season when it comes to the future of the game. In recent weeks, player count has drastically declined as players are turned away due to balancing issues and a problem with cheaters.

If Embark Studios doesn’t knock Season 3 out of the park, the future of The Finals could be uncertain. Hopefully, it doesn’t come to that as many see The Finals as a breath of fresh air in a sea of live service shooters.

The Finals terminal attack gameplay
Image credit: Embark Studios

U/BeeIcy6508 took to Reddit to share their opinions on the upcoming Season 3 and what they hope to see from Embark Studios including seeing the Light builds reworked or a fourth class added saying,

“If you can’t make light work, then just move on and try something else. it may sound easier said than done but that’s what I’m thinking. Keep Light for casuals that like movement, maybe make Light competitively better viable but have a whole new “competitive” class that works well and is fun without being a pain when first released.”

They also then touch on Medium and Heavy builds, noting that the team has done a great job with Medium builds saying “I feel like with Medium they’ve done a great job. As a Heavy main if I really want to play competitively I don’t see much reason to use Goo Gun or Charge N Slam over Mesh Shield. Maybe make them more useful, and with Light also, I think they could rework Cloak or just replace it with something more useful, same with Grapple.”

The user then wrapped up the post by giving some thoughts regarding potential new maps that could be added by saying “I absolutely love Syshorizon competitively since it has nice movement ways, it has places where you can take cover and it just feels more like a competitive map than Monaco. Monaco for example feels very fun to me. like chaotic with some cramped-up spaces but the destruction is fun. I also like Vegas on Terminal Attack. But that all depends if they want to make Cash Out the main ranked mode.”

With a lot riding on The Finals Season 3, there is a lot that Embark Studios could do, and they need to get it right otherwise the future could be bleak. Whether you’re a new player or a veteran, we highly recommend checking out our The Finals best Light build guide, best Medium build guide, and best Heavy build guide so you can create the perfect loadout for your play style.