The Finals – best Light Build loadouts to use, picked by us

The Finals – best Light Build loadouts to use, picked by us
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We’re going to look at the best Light Build loadouts to use in The Finals. With a clear emphasis on stealth and mobility, the Light Build Contestants are small and agile making them perfect for some sneaky plays.

Your mileage may vary depending on your personal play style, so make sure you adjust this build guide to suit you. There is no wrong way to play and you have a ton of customization options to decide on a loadout that works for you and is fun to play.

For more on The Finals, read our guides covering how to use reserve loadouts and whether or not you can save your progress in the game. Now, let’s look at the best Light Build loadout in The Finals.

The best Light build Loadout in The Finals
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The Finals Season 2 – best Light Build loadout

The best Light loadout in The Finals can be many things, so make sure you try out different variations. The following loadout is based on and informed by our time with the game playing as a Light Contestant:

Cloaking Device or the Grappling HookSH1900, V9S, XP-54, 93R, or the SR-84Gateway, Goo/Pyro Grenade, Breach Charge

The best Light loadout for you comes down to how you like to play the game. As a Light Build Contestant, you want to make sure you’re being sneaky and performing hit-and-run tactics. Outside of this, you can play it more stealthy and try to snipe people.

The sniping tactic is seldom used and can be extremely powerful in open maps. You are more squishy as a Light Build and won’t survive long when you start getting hit, so keep this in consideration.

The Finals Season 2 – best Light build specialization loadout

Stealth is a key factor when it comes to playing as the Light class in The Finals. To this end, the choice between the Grappling Hook or the Cloaking Device depends on your confidence. The Cloaking Device is the best specialization since you can pop up, attack, turn invisible, reposition, and catch your foe off guard.

While that is all well and good, your usage of such a tactic is dependent on several factors. If you opt for the Grappling Hook, you have a range of maneuvers and a ton of verticality that your foes might not have access to. This gives you a clear edge since you can reposition incredibly quickly or push an advantage to get a team wipe.

If you’re familiar with Apex, think about how frustrating it is dealing with an aggressive Pathfinder and you’ll have a reasonable impression of how useful the Grappling Hook can be. Your low health means that you should always be aware of enemy Heavy units with their RPG7 launchers, and, well, bullets in general are scary.

The Finals Season 2- best Light build gun loadout

When it comes to your gun, it again depends mostly on your chosen Specialisation. Grappling Hook lovers will want to have something to suit them at medium and close range, while those using the Cloaking Device will want to go all in on close combat weapons.

The Finals - best light build loadout showing the 93R pistol
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The SH1900 is perfect for the Cloaking Device since you can get right up in someone’s face and blast them away with a powerful double-barrel shotgun. The V95 is another excellent choice here because it’s automatic and gives you a generous clip and fair damage. Don’t sleep on the XP-54 either, since this little submachine gun can pack a punch. It has an impressive rate of fire, making it great at lasering foes who are caught unaware by your sneaky positioning. But against an enemy AKM, you’ll have to keep moving to survive.

We also want to give a shout-out to the SR-84 sniper rifle. This gun very rarely gets any play in our experience and when we encounter it, it can really ruin your plans. With open maps and objectives with a lot of sightlines, a manouverable sniper will be the death of many.

This gun is arguably the perfect balance, giving you devastating accuracy at range and in close quarters. I’d pick it over the sniper since this weapon can hold its own across most engagements. As for the dagger and new throwing knives, I wouldn’t recommend them unless you’ve gotten a hang of the game and its mechanics.

The Finals Season 2 – best Light build gadget loadout

You can equip a generous three Gadgets in The Finals. The three you should choose are the Gateway, Breach Charge, and the Goo/Pyro Grenade. All three of these have their uses, just remember that you have them.

✓ jack’s opinion

Opitimal schmoptimal

As we’ve said, you shouldn’t focus on what is the most optimal build in The Finals and play the way you want to play. Tweaking this suggested loadout to suit you will probably let you enjoy the game more, and the Light Build Contestant is super fun to play anyway, and that’s what is most important here.

The new Gadget, the Gateway, is essentially a portal gun. You can place two of them at a specific point and use them to immediately travel to the entrance/exit of the other. As you can imagine, the plays pulled off by this gadget are going to be as frustrating as they are impressive.

Breach Charges are great at removing walls to create an opening while Pyro Grenades are excellent at area denial. These are among the best gadgets to pick for your Light build loadout.

Strategies for playing Light build in The Finals

Based on our time with the game, here are some things to keep in mind if you pick the Light class in The Finals. Be extra wary of damage, since the Light Contestant is super squishy. With 150 health, even stray shots can whittle down your health bar in a flash. While jumping and sliding toward an enemy makes you harder to hit, they only need a few shots to take you out.

Fire and toxic gas can knock you out. This is especially true in contested areas like Cashout Stations. Similarly, you can use this to your advantage against enemy Light class users. When faced with a strong opponent, flank them or use the invisibility. Entering a location from a different window or zipline can help you catch foes off-guard.

That’s all you need to know about the best Light Build loadouts in The Finals. For more, make sure you read our guides covering how to equip skins and how to change your random username.

Best Light Builds in The Finals FAQs

What is the V9S so good in The Finals?

It’s a semi-automatic pistol that can seriously devastate your foe. It also comes with a silencer that makes it hard to identify where the shots are coming from. It perfectly complements the sneaky playstyle of Light Contestants.

Are Gadgets that important to your loadout?

Yes, Gadgets give you an upper hand in fights and are amazing for tactical plays.