The Finals – best Heavy Build loadouts to use, picked by us

The Finals – best Heavy Build loadouts to use, picked by us
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The Heavy Build Contestant is, naturally, a class that is all about defence and survival. They have heavy weapons and can take a ton of punishment, so we’re looking at the best Heavy Builds loadout to use in The Finals.

Every person is different and you should play the game the way you want to play it. But our items of choice could help you discover new favourites during your time in The Finals.

For more on The Finals, read our guides covering how to use reserve loadouts and our guide on the best Light Build loadouts to use. Now, let’s look at the best Heavy Build loadout in The Finals.

The Finals - best heavy build loadout
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The Finals Season 2 – best heavy build explained

The following best Heavy Build loadout is informed by our time with the game playing as a Heavy Build Contestant, trying out what works and what doesn’t when emphasizing the power of the class.

  • Specialization – Mesh Shield or Goo Gun
  • Weapon – M60, KS-23, SA1216, or Flamethrower
  • Gadgets – RPG-7, Anti-gravity cube, Explosive/Pyro Mine

We used to rate the C4 explosive highly, but due to various nerfs in season 2, we have removed it as a suggestion. The above loadout will be one of the best you can use as a Heavy Build Contestant in The Finals. Now that season 2 has arrived, the Heavy contestant has a new shotgun and gadget to play around with.

After using both of these in some matches, we’ve decided the slug shotgun is a brilliant choice for Heavy contestants as it also has arena destruction thanks to its high-powered rounds. As you can see, there is an emphasis on defence and attack, and the best Heavy build loadouts will utilise this well.

The Finals Season 2 – best Heavy build specialization

When it comes to the best specialization for the Heavy, we pick the Mesh Shield and the Goo Gun. The Mesh Shield specialization is the best utility for a Heavy and your team since it deploys a shield your friends can shoot out of, while the enemy has to break through it.

A pump-action shotgun in The Finals best heavy loadout.
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This will only cover you from the front, so make sure you have someone watching your back when using this. A Light class foe with a dagger or sword could swoop in for some close-quarters combat so be mindful about positioning. Protecting a cashout with this as your allies respawn is a great way to buy some time.

If you want to change things up, you should go for the Goo Gun. Goo is the unsung MVP of The Finals, being phenomenal for area denial. You can also use the Goo Gun to make platforms to help with the Heavy’s lack of mobility, making an effective double-whammy.

The Finals Season 2 – best heavy build gun loadout

The best gun for Heavy builds is tied for us between the KS-23 shotgun and the M60 machine gun. The M60 has a huge clip and does decent damage, making it the perfect weapon for any Heavy Build, and it is the default gun for the class which means you don’t need to unlock it. While the Lewis Gun is a good alternative, it depends on your playstyle. This option trades the large ammo count of the M60 for more damage and accuracy.

The KS-23 is one of the new weapons added in season 2. This slug shotgun is pump-action and packs a serious punch. Not only does it deal respectable damage, but it also allows for arena destruction. If you take this gun, you won’t ever need to use the Charge ‘N’ Slam specialization, freeing up a spot.

Outside of the M60, you could opt for the Flamethrower. This is exactly what it says on the tin so you can launch streams of flames at your foes and dominate in close-quarter situations. Fire can also melt through Goo, trivialisaing any Goo Grenades your enemies throw. The reload on these guns can be long, but since you have a generous fuel tank before that happens it should be easy to mitigate.

A screenshot of the finals best heavy build in a video game interface showing various equipment items, with an anti-gravity cube selected, described as a deployable item that manipulates gravity.
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The Finals best heavy build gadget loadout

As mentioned, your three Gadgets should be the RPG7, the new Anti-Gravity Cube, and the Barricade. The Barricade is excellent for making positions more defensible while also giving you cover if you’re caught out in the open. The RPG will help blow enemy cover away, or just send them packing with a direct hit.

The new anti-gravity gadget is fantastic for interrupting your enemies. When thrown, it will produce a field and you can move around in it, albeit rather slowly. If you want to heist an ongoing cash-out, this will help create an opening if used correctly.

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Go, go, Gadget!

It’s easy to forget that you have such a plethora of Gadgets to use, so make sure you’re keeping an eye on them and using them when you need to. They are infinite, so use them up.

Strategies to use the Heavy class in The Finals

When playing the Heavy contestant, there are a few things to keep in mind for optimal plays. Be mindful of your gadget cooldowns – since items like the RPG-7 are great at environmental destruction, use them at every opportunity.

Divert enemy attention from your teammates – you can take more damage than them so distract opponents and let your allies land the killing blows. Use the Dome Shield and the Mesh Shield to gain a defensive bonus.

Remember that Goo is useful in almost every situation. Want to block a passage? Goo. Want to create a bridge to get somewhere difficult? Goo. Utilising Goo to its fullest will help you play better, and let Heavy’s access better manoeuvrability.

That’s all you need to know about the best Heavy Builds in The Finals. For more, make sure you read our guides covering the best Medium Buildshow to equip skins, and how to earn Multibucks in The Finals.

The Finals Best Heavy builds FAQs

Why is the flamethrower good in The Finals?

The flamethrower is amazing at dealing with rooms full of people. If you have to attack an objective that is walled in, you can burn everything inside to a crisp.

What makes the Heavy Build good in The Finals?

The Heavy Contestant has a ton of survivability and access to the RPG Gadget. This lets them take more hits and destroy more of the arena.