The Finals – best Medium Build loadouts to use, picked by us

The Finals – best Medium Build loadouts to use, picked by us
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As the obvious choice for the all-rounder role, the Medium Build Contestants are average jack-of-all-trade characters who are fairly decent at everything. We’re going to look at the best Medium Builds loadout to use in The Finals.

It’s important to note that this loadout guide is based on our own experience with the game, and what works for us might not work for you. The most important thing is to have fun – so make sure you adjust this build guide to suit you.

For more on The Finals, read our guides covering how to use reserve loadouts and whether or not you can save your progress in the game. Now, let’s look at the best Medium Builds in The Finals.

An in-game screenshot showing a player's equipment selection menu in the finals best medium loadout of a first-person shooter game, with various weapons, gadgets, and specializations available for customization or unlock.
An in-game screenshot showing a player’s equipment selection menu in the finals best medium loadout of a first-person shooter game, with various weapons, gadgets, and specializations available for customization or unlock.

The Finals Season 2 – best Medium Build loadout

The best Medium Build is based on and informed by our time with the game playing as a Medium Build Contestant, emphasizing the versatility of the class:

  • Specialization – Healing Beam or Dematerializer
  • Weapon – Model 1887, FAMAS, R.357, or AKM.
  • Gadgets – Sonar Grenade/Gas Grenade, Debrillator, and Goo Grenade

The best Medium Build loadouts depend on how you like to play. As a Medium Build Contestant, your role is to be extremely versatile, which will mean having a good spread of support and offensive tools in your loadout.

To this end, Defibrillators are a must and the Sonar Grenade is vitally important when it comes to your Gadgets. You can take a few more hits as a Medium Build compared to Light, but you will mostly be taking your fights at close range.

We like to play the Medium Contestant as a support since access to the defibrillator is extremely useful for clutch revivals. Sonar Grenades help with communication and planning, but you can switch this out for a Gas Grenade. With the arrival of season 2 of The Finals, the FAMAS weapon has been added to the Medium Contestant’s arsenal, which we highly recommend.

The Finals - best medium build loadout showing the Dematerializer
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The Finals Season 2 – best Medium build Specialization

The best Specialization to pick is between the Dematerializer or the Healing Beam, but it depends on the match. The healing is incredibly useful since your HP slowly regens; the beam helps kickstart the process and keep your team alive. If you don’t opt for the Healing Beam, you should pick the Dematerializer.

This new gadget is exclusive to the Medium Contestant and it is extremely valuable to use. You can sneakily use it to hijack an ongoing cash-out, as it will let you remove sections of the floor or walls, for example. You can use it for strategic ambushing as well, providing your team with a window to shoot through and take people by surprise.

The Finals Season 2 – best Medium build gun

When it comes to your gun, you want to go for damage and range. Due to this, your best choices are the AKM assault rifle, the R.357 Revolver, the Model 1887 rifle, or the new FAMAS. Any of these four guns will help you in making the best Medium loadout in The Finals.

The AKM might not perform super well in your eyes, and that’s fine. Feel free to ignore it if you don’t like it, the FAMAS is superior in almost every single way. The revolver has great damage and there is nothing more satisfying than popping off headshots with it.

We don’t recommend the FCAR since it has been nerfed. The magazine size is too small to be any good, which leaves for frustratingly-timed reloads. The Model 1887 rifle is a powerhouse, but you need to be accurate with it to deal the most damage.

The Finals - best medium build loadout showing the FAMAS
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Whichever of these weapons you choose, you should make sure you cover any gap you might have with your Reserve Loadout. If you take the FAMAS, try the R.357 as your reserve. Generally speaking, the AKM is a perfectly serviceable gun, but you will get more fun and mileage out of the ones we’ve suggested.

As for the oddball Riot Shield, we aren’t a fan of it because of how little damage it does. Pair it with lethal teammates though, and you should be able to take the pressure off your squad.

The Finals Season 2 – best Medium build gadget

As mentioned, your three Gadgets should be the Sonar Grenade (or Gas Grenades), and Defibrillators, while the third slot can be fairly flexible. We suggest the Goo Grenades or the Gas Mine since they can be extremely useful to you and your team, but feel free to use anything else here.

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Medium Build is all about versatility

Tweaking this suggested loadout to suit you will probably let you enjoy the game more, and the Medium Build Contestant is great at being a versatile role that can be fully focused on support or offence.

Strategies for playing as the Medium class in The Finals

If you’re just getting the hang of this versatile option, we’ve put together some strategies for playing the Medium class in The Finals. If you choose to be a medic, prioritise healing and revives. Picking up their plastic figurines and reviving them can help even the odds against enemy squads. While the wind-up time on the defibs has been increased, they are still uncontested when it comes to reviving your team.

The turret lets you protect contested locations – it’s especially helpful against Light enemies because of their lower health. While it won’t necessarily finish foes off, it’s a good way to steal a squad’s attention as you flank them

We don’t recommend taking the jump pad. We think it is arguably the worst gadget you can choose. This is simply because we’ve had very little meaningful success using it, while this gadget slot could be better used with anything else.

That’s all you need to know about the best Medium Build loadout in The Finals. For more, make sure you read our guides covering the best Light Build loadout and how to equip skins in The Finals.

The Finals Best Medium Builds FAQs

How good is the AKM in The Finals?

Generally speaking, it’s perfectly serviceable. It isn’t good and it isn’t bad – it’s just a bit of everything. If you like it, make it work.

Is the Zipline Gadget good in The Finals?

It depends on how you use it. It can create paths for your team, but it means you have to sacrifice something potentially more offensive.