Tears of the Kingdom player uses flying piece of meat to reunite two Koroks

Tears of the Kingdom player uses flying piece of meat to reunite two Koroks
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One Tears of the Kingdom player has finally decided to help a poor Korok out instead of endlessly tormenting it. However, the method they used to reunite the forest spirit with its friend is an unorthodox one that not even Ganondorf could have seen coming.

Since the game’s initial launch, torturing Koroks using crucifixes and rocket ships quickly became the community’s favorite pastime. Unfortunately, this meant that a large portion of the player base never even bothered to learn how to help the Koroks reach their friends so many are still stuck waiting for Link’s assistance. Luckily, this brave Zelda fan has decided to go against this abusive trend by providing help in the most unconventional way possible.

Though the Fuse and Ultrahand abilities have often been the ones in the spotlight, Recall‘s usefulness in certain situations isn’t talked about enough. This time around, though, the time-manipulating skill’s effectiveness was put on full display after a user named Liquid_Sawcon shared a post on the Tears of the Kingdom subreddit showcasing the Recall ability in all its glory.

In the clip that the player included with their thread, they could be seen standing beside a troubled forest spirit and a random piece of meat. After agreeing to help the Korok, they proceeded to use the Ultrahand ability on the little critter in order to place it on the uncooked steak. The helpful user then went on to equip the Recall ability to use its Rewind function on the raw meat.

Based on the trajectory that it took, it seems that this random meat piece was actually one that the player threw from the top of the cliff where the Korok needed to get to. This means that as soon as they used the Rewind function, the raw meat with the forest spirit on top of it flew back all the way to the cliff’s peak, thereby reuniting the troubled Korok with its friend.

Though the conclusion to this unconventional, yet heartwarming journey wasn’t shown, it’s safe to say that the friendly creatures ended up giving Link a couple of precious Korok seeds for his assistance. Hopefully, this good deed will inspire other players to help these innocent creatures of the forest as their sheer numbers would surely overwhelm our protagonist were they to ever get tired of his misdeeds.

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