Players are torturing Koroks in Tears of the Kingdom and it’s heartbreaking

Players are torturing Koroks in Tears of the Kingdom and it’s heartbreaking
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Koroks have been a constant presence within the Zelda series since the beginning and Tears of the Kingdom has predictably brought back these lovable critters into the fold once again. Unfortunately, these poor forest spirits, who are only there to ask for assistance from Link and provide him with useful Korok Seeds, have been subjected to a variety of cruel and inhumane acts of torture that would rattle any regular human being.

Ever since TotK’s initial release, it seems that numerous Zelda fans immediately sought out these creatures to make them pay for all of the inconvenient tasks that they were forced to do. Those that joined in on the mistreatment of these diminutive beings no longer even need to learn how to help the Koroks reach their friends as they’ll surely be too busy sending them into outer space.

But aside from building rockets to send these Koroks flying faster than the speed of light, the most prevalent torture devices that sadistic users have often created include large crucifixes, which they would then attach an unsuspecting Korok to. Players would then get even more creative by attaching the Korok crucifix onto a horse-drawn carriage and riding it around Hyrule for all the world to see.

Some spectators have even begun calling Tears of the Kingdom the “Korok Abuse Simulator” because of the ongoing abuse of these creatures within the game. In order to bring more attention to the horrific torture that the Koroks are subject to, a Twitter user named Goobomber has created a montage of several creative and inhumane methods that players have utilized just to put these forest spirits through the wringer.

Sadly, it doesn’t seem like this sadistic trend is going to be ending any time soon as players continue to find more creative ways to mistreat Koroks in the game. Hopefully, these creatures don’t take it personally, otherwise we might be looking at a Korok revenge spin-off game against Link.

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