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Tears of the Kingdom player creates multistage rocket that puts SpaceX to shame

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Link glider
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Tears of the Kingdom has quickly become a home to some of the most ingenious and hilarious video game inventions in recent memory. With the latest series installment only having been out for a few days, another Zelda fan has decided to add to its growing list of creations by building a multistage rocket that puts those built by NASA and SpaceX to shame.

A player named bishlo shared a clip of the magnificent device – which was created using the new Ultrahand ability – through the Tears of the Kingdom subreddit. Although this machine won’t actually get you to the moon, it should still be able to help you reach the top of all 15 Skyview Tower locations – as long as you have the patience to build one each time, that is.

According to the mad scientist that built this towering contraption, they apparently “wanted to create a larger rocket with longer flight time than the default rocket.” This idea led them to create the machine in question “with 3 interlocking, but disconnected parts using wood beams.” In the end, all of the different components that were used in the creation of this intergalactic vehicle each did their part in propelling Link to new heights.

Alas, Zonai devices in the game only have a finite amount of Zonai charge so it couldn’t take our diminutive protagonist up to the stars. However, the creation of this device does still display the brilliance of Tears of the Kingdom as a creative platform as well as the ingenuity of the fans playing it.

Only time will tell if players can surpass the high bar that’s being set this early on in the game’s lifespan. But based on what’s been shown so far, it’s safe to say that the community is already working on making greater and even wackier inventions than this one.

If you want to create your very own rocketship to explore the game’s wide world, then check out our Tears of the Kingdom map guide and Tears of the Kingdom shrine locations so you know where to go next.

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