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Returnal Steam listing updated, PC version seems imminent

Returnal Steam listing updated, PC version seems imminent
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The Steam listing for something called “Oregon,” but what is obviously Returnal, keeps getting updates. Back in May, some traces of the game appeared on SteamDB.

Though Sony has yet to confirm that a PC port of the game is incoming, it seems pretty obvious. The listings back in May made mention of the Helios (heroine Selene’s ship) and of Atropos, the planet on which she is marooned.

Now, there have been a number of updates on the listing, and there has been mention of “Tower of Sisyphus.” That is a reference to the game’s recent D.L.C. It was called Returnal: Ascension, and it featured a new mode.

According to VGC, an anonymous source shared footage of the game running on PC. And it makes sense when you consider that Sony has talked about getting more games onto PC. And that the company acquired Nixxes Software expressly for that purpose.

Returnal was one of 2021’s best games. In a year that didn’t want for very good video games, it stood out for its atmosphere and its play.

In VideoGamer’s review, I said:

“The shooting is one of those rare, near-nourishing pleasures—the kind that may keep Returnal fused to your hard drive, for those moments where you feel your mood dampen.”


on PC, PlayStation 5

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April 30, 2021