Returnal seems to be heading to PC

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Returnal, the time-looping sci-fi shoot-’em-up from Housemarque, formerly a PlayStation 5 exclusive, may well be heading to PC.

Some references to the game have popped up on SteamDB (via Eurogamer). They mention the Helios, which was the ship of the game’s protagonist, Selene. Atropos, the planet on which Selene’s struggle unfolds. And the Tower of Sisyphus, which developer Housemarque added to Returnal with a recent update.

Sony has yet to confirm the move, but it would fit with the company’s recent moves. Days Gone, God of war, and Horizon Zero Dawn have all made their way onto PC. And in a recent investors meeting, executive Jim Ryan said that Sony aims to make $300 million on PC games this fiscal year.

Returnal was one of 2021’s best. In a year hardly understocked with great games, it stood out for its deliciously satisfying shooting and strange, singular art. It was a relief, too, to see Housemarque surprise everyone with something so different—and yet so weirdly similar—to its previous efforts.

In VideoGamer’s review, I said:

“The shooting is one of those rare, near-nourishing pleasures—the kind that may keep Returnal fused to your hard drive, for those moments where you feel your mood dampen.”

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