Remnant 2 future updates will include more archetypes, new armor, and crossplay

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Remnant 2 has quickly become one of the surprise hits of 2023 and it appears more goodies are set to be introduced to the third person shoot ’em up in the future according to a handful of statements made by game director David Adams.

In an AMA session Adams recently conducted on the Remnant 2 subreddit, he revealed that more archetypes will be arriving soon, which means learning how to unlock the Archon archetype becomes even more important ahead of time. Unfortunately, he hasn’t provided a specific date for the arrival of these new classes just yet as he simply confirmed that additional ones will be arriving in the future.

Aside from the arrival of more archetypes, Adams also mentioned that crossplay is being worked on and that it will ultimately be introduced at some point. However, the Remnant 2 game director did note that “there are issues with the different platforms and what they require in order to allow crossplay,” meaning it may not be a while until we actually get to party up with other players on different platforms.

Additionally, in response to a user question about in-game fashion and transmogs, Adams stated that their team “will be adding armor in the [next] DLC” to give players even more options in the long run. He added: “Transmog is certainly something that comes up, but we will have to balance it vs all the other stuff we want to do.” He revealed in a later message that work on the DLC began as soon as the main game was finished, so it may only be a matter of time until more details are provided.

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