How to solve the Remnant 2 clock puzzle in Lemark District

How to solve the Remnant 2 clock puzzle in Lemark District
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Can’t figure out how to solve the Remnant 2 clock puzzle in Lemark District? If you’ve already been to the clock tower in Losomn, you’ll probably know that it’s missing a gear. Looking around the tower itself won’t do any good, as you’ll need to solve a puzzle in a different part of the map to fix this clock. That’s why we’re here to tell you how to solve it.

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Remnant 2 clock puzzle: A player looking up at the clock tower with a bright aurora in the sky above.
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Remnant 2 clock puzzle solution

To get the gear to fix the clock tower, you’ll need to head to Lemark District. This is an area of Losomn which can be accessed through Ironborough. Head through the district, and into one of the houses, where a long path leads underground. Follow this path to find a large room filled with clocks.

Alex’s Advice

The clock tower doesn’t appear in every run, so if you don’t have it in your particular run you will have to reroll your adventure to try and find it in the next run.

Remnant 2 clock puzzle: A map of Losomn in Remnant 2.
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At the back of this room, you’ll find one large clock on the wall which you can interact with to adjust the hands. The hands need to match the hands on the clock tower. Set the small hand to the big circle in the top left, and the big hand to the second dot below the big circle on the right. Check the picture below for reference.

Remnant 2 clock puzzle: The correct position of the hands to solve the clock puzzle.
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Once you’ve done this, open up the clock to receive the Clockwork Pinion. Head back to the clock tower and head to the top. Place the pinion with the rest of the gears and pull the lever to start up the clock, finishing the quest.

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Remnant 2 clock puzzle FAQs

Where is the clock tower in Remnant 2?

The clock tower in Remnant 2 can be found in Lemark District.

How do you solve the clock puzzle in Remnant 2?

The clock puzzle is solved by setting the clock’s hands to the same time as the clock tower, which will start the clock and finish the quest.