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PS VR 2 has “20+ major” games confirmed for the headset’s launch

PS VR2 games
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PlayStation has revealed it already has over 20 games confirmed for the upcoming PS VR2 headset at launch.

The declaration appeared in the latest Sony Business Segment Briefing spotted by Video Games Chronicle. In the segment, Jim Ryan claims the headset already has “20+ major first-party & third-party titles confirmed for PS VR2 at launch”. While it didn’t say what these titles were specifically, the slide did include the previously-announced Horizon: Call of the Mountain.

The new headset was first announced last February as a “next generation” PSVR headset for the PlayStation 5. The following months have seen a steady drip feed of new information, starting with the new controllers. They’ll utilise the DualSense’s adaptive triggers, haptic feedback and the newly dubbed VR Sense controller’s own bespoke finger touch detection.

It’d be earlier this year when we got a look at the headset proper. The headset will include a OLED display and support resolutions of 2000 x 2040 & a refresh rate of 90Hz/120Hz per eye. It’ll also only use a single cord to connect to your PlayStation 5 console, hopefully making it a tad easier to setup than the previous model.

Thanks to UploadVR, we know a couple of the other PS VR2 games in the works. These include Among Us VR and a new unnamed title from Jurassic World: Aftermath developer Coatsink. As for official announcements, with E3 2022 Summer Games Fest not far away, hopefully we’ll get more details around then.

PS VR2 doesn’t have a release date yet, but hopefully there’ll be more information on that and things like a price in the very near future.