Payday 3 on PS5 is now fixed following an older version accidentally uploaded to Sony’s servers

Payday 3 on PS5 is now fixed following an older version accidentally uploaded to Sony’s servers
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It’s been announced that those playing heist-em-up Payday 3 on PlayStation 5 are now on the correct version of the game, after an outdated version was inadvertently launched on the console.

Though Payday 3’s early access was supposed to start yesterday evening, many players trying to get Payday 3 working on the PlayStation 5 consoles were reporting plenty of errors with their version of the game, including finding themselves unable to redeem pre-order bonuses. However, it later transpired – as revealed by the game’s lead producer Andreas Penninger on Twitter – that due to circumstances beyond developer Starbreeze’s control that an older version of the game was deployed on the PlayStation 5 console.

It’d take almost a full day to fix the issue, but happily it’s much better news now as of a couple of hours ago, Penninger revealed that the game on PS5 has now been patched to the correct version and indicated as such to fans. “Sony has now rolled out the correct patch. We apologise for putting a delay on your criminal aspirations. We’ll work on ensuring this does not happen again.” The message was echoed to fans on the official Payday 3 Twitter account.

A tweet about Payday 3 being fixed for PS4 players after an older version was uploaded to Sony's servers.

It’s been something of a rocky early access launch for Payday 3 so far, with many players struggling to connect in the first few hours. Some disgruntled users were even considering refunds, as they had to pay extra for the game’s premium editions in order to be granted entry into the early access. Teething issues aside, fans are hoping Payday 3 will be a tasty slice of multiplayer heisting action – we’re playing it ourselves and hope to have a review with you in a few days, so keep your eyes peeled for our verdict when it arrives.

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