Payday 3 heist list in order and every available mission

Payday 3 heist list in order and every available mission
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You might be wondering about a full Payday 3 heist list, so here’s each and every one that’s going to be available on the game’s launch.

Developed by Starbreeze Studios, the game is a follow up to the hugely popular Payday 2. The game situates the player in the boots of a heister, robbing banks and taking hostages, all with the goal of netting a big payday. The game’s popularity largely spans from its dense range of maps, alongside interactive heists which are made even better by the fact that your going to be committing crimes with your buddies.

Payday’s heists are a core part of the game’s DNA, with cinematic levels of drama woven into fantastic gameplay. Let’s go over each of the ones we know about.

Payday 3 heist list

At the moment, we haven’t had a full confirmation of each Payday 3 heist, but there’s a few we’ve heard about.

We’ve had a chance to play through all of the heists in Payday 3, with our favourite ones including the Rock the Cradle and Under the Surphaze heists. These two incorporate many of Payday’s iconic sequences into a unique and complex level. They’re great missions to carry out while fully kitted out with the best stealth build for Payday 3.

How many heists does Payday 3 have?

While Payday 2 launched with 12 missions, Payday 3 has only launched with 8 heists. However, we know that there’s going to be a season pass released for the game which will give access to 4 more heists in New York City. The Payday 3 FAQ details season pass information, which also includes 4 tailor packs and 4 weapon packs.

The fact that Payday 3 only 8 heists on launch has already disappointed a few players out there – with fans on Reddit complaining that “this is extremely low and will allow the game to get stale fast,” though other, more hopeful, fans have retorted to “remember that these heists have a lot more going on with them.” Our Payday 3 review has noted the lack of content as a fairly critical failure on the game’s behalf.

Andreas Häll-Penninger, Starbreeze’s producer, said that “we’re always asking ourselves, what unique gameplay element does this heist have, and how do we make it look and feel unique, even if some of them have a similar setting?” This gives hope that Payday 3’s heists are going to be dense, fun, and action packed.

We’ve had a look at a few other burning questions players might have had – including if Payday 3 will be split screen and if it is going to be on game pass.