Palworld releases another patch that fixes annoying server issues

Palworld releases another patch that fixes annoying server issues
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Another new patch is now live on Palworld. In just a day after the patch brought balance changes, the new patch notes are out for Xbox and Steam. Like most of developer Pocketpair’s patches, the Xbox version will be released in a short time after the PC one. This patch focuses on fixing game crashes and server problems troubling players. To know more on the game’s future, check out our Palworld roadmap.

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Palworld update patch notes

Here’s a detailed list of changes coming with Palworld update These were just revealed in an official post on X (formerly Twitter). Some of these fixed issues that were introduced in the recent February 26 patch. One such issue was that Pals had fixed passives after breeding. Now let’s get to the fixes.

Major Fixes

  • Fixed various game crashes

Balance Adjustment

  • Fixed a bug where breeding Pals always had fixed passives
  • Fixed an issue where the increase in condensation progress was incorrect when using Pal of rank 2 or higher as a condensation material (it will increase by the number of Pals used in previous condensation)

Dungeon Issues

  • Fixed an issue where the innermost door would not open after defeating the boss of a random dungeon


  • Fixed an issue where the name of a Pal would not change even after renaming them

Server Issues

  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to search for spaces or Japanese/Chinese characters in the server list
  • Fixed so that if the server is no longer registered on the server list, it will be re-registered without needing to restart the server
  • Fixed an issue where the settings to enable RCON were not loaded from the configuration file

That covers the Palworld patch notes. To learn about the patch notes that dropped earlier, check out our Palworld patch notes. For more on the game, check out how this player caught Anubis with a long shot and the bug fix that earned an apology from developer Pocketpair.