Palworld fan finds secret new Pal that resembles iconic Pokémon baddie

Palworld fan finds secret new Pal that resembles iconic Pokémon baddie
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Even before launch, Palworld has been heavily compared to Nintendo’s famous IP as the selling point for many was the joke that the game is essentially ‘Pokémon with guns’. The heavy comparisons between Pals and pocket monsters is a huge point of contention and controversy that isn’t going away anytime soon, and a fan has found a new secret Palworld Pal that heavily resembles an iconic Pokémon baddie.

Pocketpair’s survival game has been a massive hit with over 19 million players since its launch on January 19th. It’s only going to get bigger and better as evidenced by the official roadmap, and naturally, there is clamoring for it to come to other platforms. While there is a chance Palworld will come to PS5 in the future, the developer has warned players who have downloaded the game on Mobile for iOS and Android.

The key to the game’s success is the addictive gameplay loop that makes the survival genre so popular. It’s also the adorably cute Pals that do admittedly resemble many pocket monsters from Pokémon.

Palworld fan finds secret new Pal

Palworld dataminer Brian Cozzens has discovered a new Pal that massively resembles Mewtwo from Pokémon. Mewtwo is considered an antagonist of the Pokémon series behind Giovanni and Meowth, and it is a popular Legendary that has starred in movies such as the first-ever Pokémon film to hit cinemas.

The datamined Pal is codenamed ‘Dark Mutant’. It has a text log entry that says the following:

‘Some say a beam from a {characterName id=|DarkMutant|/} that has perfected its technique can tear holes into other dimensions. It’s even believed that certain species of Pals were born from such phenomena.’

3D model of Palworld Dark Mutant
Image credit: Pocketpair – screenshot via

Speaking to Eurogamer, Brian Cozzens said he discovered Dark Mutant while working on his online map for the game as well as his fansite atlasforge where you can check out the Dark Mutant 3D model from all angles. Unfortunately, it is not possible to find and capture Dark Mutant in-game as it has not yet been released.

It is likely that Dark Mutant is one of the additional Pals for the complete Paldeck promised in the future. However, for the time being, Pocketpair is prioritizing bug fixes and performance stability as seen in the patch notes for newly released updates and for Steam and Xbox.

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