Palworld best base designs – 9 best player-made base designs

Palworld best base designs – 9 best player-made base designs
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Are you looking for the best base designs in Palworld? Players have been getting very creative with their base designs, coming up with insane structures for to house their Pals. Perhaps you’d like to draw inspiration from these creators for your base.

If you are looking for the best base, you should check out the best Pals to have at your base in Palword. You can also check out the best handiwork Pals in Palworld. There are many creative players out there. Here are the best base designs in Palworld.

Best base designs in Palworld

When it comes to crafting a great base, you need to work hard to build something that both you and your Pals can utilize. That is what each of these players did. They were able to build something that worked wonders for both them and their Pals. Let’s take a look at some bases.

Tips for building

In Palworld, you will unlock more technology as you level up. Remember that only certain items can be placed in your base. Objects that are placed more than halfway outside of the base radius will start to degrade over time. Eventually, everything will break unless it is within the perimeter of the base location.

1. Hotel Palifornia

Image via MidnightWatcher139 on Reddit

User MidnightWater139 created Hotel Palifornia and it is such a lovely place. Their Pals are really livin’ it up in this fine resort. We are amazed that they were able to build so high up into the air. Hopefully, nothing comes crashing down. After all, “you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave.”

2. The Castle

Image via Karma__a on Reddit

Okay so this base created by Karma_a on Reddit looks like a castle and we are in love with it. The intricate design created by the defensive stone walls works well with the internal structure. While they didn’t post anything about the interior of the base, we can only imagine that it looks as good as the outer structure. We at least know that no bandits will be getting in there.

3. Bridge Base

Image via -MangoLoco- on Reddit

Something we haven’t done enough of in Palworld is utilize the pre-existing structures. Well, user -MangoLoco- on Reddit used one of the game’s many bridges to build a magnificent base. Not only does it look good, it really adds to the aesthetic of the ruinous bridge.

4. Waterfall Base

Image via North_Shore_Problem on Reddit

User North_Shore_Problem turned their mistake into a beautiful design. After placing their Palbox down next to the waterfall at the start of the game, they turned it into a large base with a fancy staircase leading up into it. The base is complete with large defensive walls and plenty of room for Pals to roam.

5. The Village

Image via Val2int on Reddit

User Val2int created a great mid-game base out of wood and a bit of stone. This base resembles a small village and gives a nice home for their Pals. From the image, we can see an area for their Pals to rest plus a lovely farmhouse. There’s even plenty of wool stacked up on the ranch.

6. Castle Town

User Lightless_Meow and their boyfriend created what appears to be a castle town. The area has a large home for the Pals to rest, an area for mining, tons of storage, and all the essentials. We are surprised they were able to build such a massive base in the limited area of the base circle. While some pieces do go outside the boundary, this base is well-decorated and deserves applause.

7. Massive Construct

User Outrageous-Adagio824 shared a video of their base and how it appears to be a massive compound. Again, this is a structure that we are amazed fits within the perimeter of the base. They cleverly utilized items like benches to make railings and even created multiple rooms like a library. What a place for the Pals to call home.

8. Palworld City

Image via DPJ on YouTube

YouTuber DPJ recently created an entire Palworld city base that looks absolutely phenomenal. They created a video showcasing the building process of the city which showcases large buildings and a symmetrical look that we could only dream of.

9. Curvy Base

Image via Chudsicles on Reddit

On the Palworld Base Reddit Megathread, user Chudsicles shared an image of their base and there is a real elegance to it. The base consists of one large circle and some beautifully curved walls used to create the courtyard. Two Palboxes were used to create the base but it looks to be worth it considering there is a large amount of space and some well-made features.

Those are the best base designs that we could find. Be sure to check out the best chest farming locations in Palworld. You can also check out the best egg farming locations in Palworld.

Palworld best base designs – FAQ

How many bases can you have in Palworld?

You can have up to three bases. The second and third bases that you can build unlock at base level 10 and base level 15.

What is the best material to make a base out of?

The best materials to use for your base are stone and metal. This is because these materials don’t burn. Wood can easily be destroyed if it is the primary material of your base.