Palworld fans share how to fix huge bug before Pocketpair’s patch

Palworld fans share how to fix huge bug before Pocketpair’s patch
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Developer Pocketpair is aware of the bugs and issues that plague Palworld, and they are set on fixing them through updates. Unfortunately, updates can’t come out every day so we have to be patient while waiting for them to arrive. Fans have come across a significant issue for dedicated servers on PC, and Palworld fans have shared how to temporarily fix this bug before Pocketpair’s eventual patch arrives.

We do know when the next Palworld update is coming and what it will fix. We also know that Pocketpair is looking to beef up the console version of the game by partnering with Xbox to bring dedicated servers to the Series X/S. And we also know future content for the game thanks to the roadmap shared by the developer.

While the next update is imminent and right around the corner, it’s unclear if it will additionally fix another problem shared by the PC community. It’s possible the next patch will resolve the issue, but, before the patch even arrives, you can temporarily fix it yourself thanks to guidance from the community.

How to fix Palworld bug before Pocketpair’s patch

Pocketpair has confirmed that they are working on a fix for a game-breaking Palworld bug. The bug in question is a ‘World Data autosave failed’ error message appearing for the PC version of the game. According to complaints on the Pocketpair Discord, this has made the game ‘pretty unplayable’ with users losing hours of progress.

In addition to this issue, fans are reporting that there’s a bug that is crashing dedicated servers and ‘making your world literally unplayable’. Per Reddit user eulabius, this dedicated world server issue happens ‘once the file size approaches 60 MB,’ and the bug causes the ‘dedicated server to crash every few minutes’.

You can just create a new world, but the crashing bug will return once the file size approaches 60mb again. If you have come across this issue for the PC version of the game, the good news is that fans have shared a fix.

According to Reddit user Sage2050, you need to prune your servers. Using the Palworld server toolkit, you need to delete ‘unreferenced items and return level.sav to a safe size’ meaning a file size considerably under 60 MB.

In addition to resolving the dedicated servers crashing issue, Sage2050 thinks it possibly fixes memory leak issues, too. They report that ‘Before deleting the unreferenced items my server would hit about 17GB of RAM usage after only a few hours of uptime with 1-4 players’ and ‘Now it’s barely cracking 6GB’.

Hopefully, this will resolve the bug for dedicated servers if you’ve come across the issue. Pocketpair will eventually provide a fix through updates, but this is a simple workaround for the time being.

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