Palworld dev is working on update to fix this new fatal gamebreaking bug

Palworld dev is working on update to fix this new fatal gamebreaking bug
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We haven’t received an update for Palworld since February 7th, but we do know a new patch is imminent. This has come from the lips of Pocketpair themselves in an address to the community online. In addition to the upcoming and imminent patch, the developer has also confirmed that they are working on a Palworld update to fix a very specific and new fatal game-breaking bug.

Thanks to Pocketpair, we do know when the next Palworld update is coming and what it will fix. As mentioned, we haven’t received a patch since towards the beginning of February, and you can still find the patch notes for updates 0.1.4 and on Steam and Xbox if you have forgotten the problems they addressed.

Seeing as the game is in early access and is only one month old, it’s only natural that there are problems still lingering. Some of the bugs are relatively harmless allowing for cheap exploits and tricks for personal gain, but there are other bugs that are way more severe and completely ruin the experience. Fortunately, Pocketpair is aware of one major problem and is working on a fix.

Pocketpair is working on Palworld update to fix new game-breaking bug

Pocketpair is officially working on an update to fix a significant and recent game-breaking bug for Palworld. Over on the Pocketpair Discord channel, users have complained about a new PC Game Pass bug that results in the error message ‘World Data autosave failed’.

One user said that the bug has lost them ‘literally hours of progress’. This user further commented that the bug has made Palworld ‘pretty unplayable in its current state if you don’t want to gamble your progress/close and reopen the game every 30 mins to an hour so you minimize progress lost’.

Palworld discord message 1
Image credit: Pocketpair Discord
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Image credit: Pocketpair Discord

Judging by the comments on Discord, this is a massive problem that seems to only be occurring for the PC Game Pass version of the game. This is the same version as on Xbox consoles rather than the upgraded version that is available on Steam.

In response to the feedback from the community, Pocketpair’s community manager, Bucky_cm, confirmed that Pocketpair is ‘aware of the issue’ and that ‘It is being worked on’. This is fantastic news for fans suffering from this bout of lost progress, but, unfortunately, there’s no specified timeframe for when it will be fixed.

Palworld discord message 3
Image credit: Pocketpair Discord

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