Palworld dev responds to possibility of collabs and crossovers

Palworld dev responds to possibility of collabs and crossovers
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Palworld is the biggest game of the year so far with over 19 million copies sold across Steam and Xbox. The game has a very bright future ahead of it with numerous additions planned leading up to the eventual release of version 1.0. While the game’s own future is bright, Pocketpair has responded to the possibility of Palworld collaborations and crossovers.

For the more immediate future, Pocketpair has shared when the next update is coming and what it will fix. Although not a crossover, Pocketpair is collaborating with Xbox to bring dedicated servers to Palworld on console, and, in addition to these plans, the devs have confirmed that more bosses are currently in development.

While there are lots of upcoming features promised in the game’s roadmap, there’s also the possibility we might one day see Palworld in the world of other video games. Nothing is happening right now or anytime soon, but Pocketpair has not dismissed the possibility of crossovers happening one day.

Palworld dev responds to the possibility of future crossovers

The Palworld community manager for Pocketpair, Bucky_cm, was asked on the developer’s official Discord channel if there will one day be any collaborations or crossovers. Below is the community manager’s response:

‘Depends on if it is suitable or not. We are certainly open to discussing these things but we don’t want to just put Palworld in anything for the sake of it.’

Palworld community manager's response on Discord to crossovers possibility
Image credit: Bucky_cm on Pocketpair Discord

Per the above response, there are no plans right now but it’s something that could feasibly happen in the future provided it’s suitable. As for what a suitable crossover would be is anyone’s guess. Fortnite pretty much collaborates with everything, meanwhile, we’re not living in a universe where we’re ever going to see Pokémon and Palworld team up.

Assuming crossovers do happen in the future, the safe bet would be properties owned by Microsoft. This is because Microsoft has highly praised the game and wants to be part of its future. Microsoft is partnering with Pocketpair to bring dedicated servers to Palworld on console, and Microsoft also reportedly used Palworld to show the future of Xbox games.

The bond between Microsoft and Pocketpair is so evident that Forbes even predicts ‘There’s little doubt’ Xbox will try to buy Palworld. And, if Microsoft were to buy Pocketpair as touted by Forbes, the possibilities for crossovers are near endless.

For more Palworld news, there is currently an ongoing competition with monetary rewards available to win. Pocketpair’s CEO has praised uber-realistic animation you may not have noticed, and fans have found a removed female leader that certainly had an eye-catching look.