Palworld dev shares when next update is coming and what it will fix

Palworld dev shares when next update is coming and what it will fix
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It’s been a while since we last received an update for Palworld. In fact, the last patch we received came out on February 7th with many issues still remaining. It’s understandable that patches have slowed down due to the size of Pocketpair, but, in good news, the devs have shared a release window for when the next Palworld update is coming and they have also shared what it intends to fix.

You can still find the patch notes for the most recent updates 0.1.4 and on Steam and Xbox. This was a highly welcomed patch as it fixed the game’s worst-ever bug while also fixing a hilarious but fatal breeding bug. Still, while it ironed out these significant problems, it’s only natural that issues remain as the game is early access and is only one-month old.

As per the game’s roadmap, updates will eventually add more content such as extra bosses, pals, islands, and possibly this eye-catching female leader missing from the announcement trailer. But, for the time being, patches are prioritizing fixes and the next update will be a massive one that is sorely needed.

When is the next Palworld update?

The lead network developer for Palworld, Chujo Hiroto, says the next update will come out ‘at the end of February’. Although no launch day is specified, this seems to imply the final week of the month which stretches from February 26th to the 29th.

This comes courtesy of an announcement shared on the official Pocketpair Discord channel. Assuming the patch does come out at the end of February as touted, that means there will have been a three-week gap between fresh patches. Although not ideal, this again is completely understandable as Pocketpair is not a AAA studio.

What the next Palworld update will fix

Per Chujo Hiroto’s Discord announcement, we know that the next Palworld update aims to crack down on cheaters. Pocketpair are aware ‘that some players are unable to play the game properly’ due to ‘fraudulent activity or cheating,’ and the Japanese studio is hellbent on removing these problems.

One of the ways they plan to fix this issue is by releasing a ‘player list function for servers’ which, theoretically, ‘will strengthen the identification of players who engage in cheating and the suspension of their use by the development team’.

In addition, the devs ‘plan to introduce an external anti-cheat solution to take measures against particularly frequent fraudulent activities and cheating’. If you have any concerns at all, Pocketpair has stated that these functions will be optional for community, single-player, and co-op servers.

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Alongside all of the above, the game’s community manager has also reassured fans that Pocketpair ‘is working hard to fix the issues and prepare new content and pals’. This was reiterated when responding to the player drop-off on Xbox and Steam.

While the next patch will focus on implementing anti-cheat measures, we do know other updates are on the way. Xbox is officially partnering with Palworld to bring dedicated servers to console, so hopefully this is something that arrives in the coming months.