Palworld developer reassures players worried about it dying

Palworld developer reassures players worried about it dying
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Palworld has been a monumental success ever since its early access launch. While the initial appeal of the game was ‘Pokémon with guns,’ the survival game has quickly established its own identity while gathering a fanbase consisting of millions. And, in a fantastic update for the community, a developer has offered some relieving news for fans worried about Palworld potentially dying in the future.

Seeing as the game is in early access only, there’s plenty of upcoming content to anticipate before the full launch of version 1.0. The official roadmap promises more bosses and pals, and a secret upcoming pal resembling an iconic Pokémon legendary has been discovered by dataminers. In addition, Xbox is officially partnering with Palworld to bring a PC-exclusive feature to console.

All of the above is no doubt exciting, and it promises a very bright future for the game. However, because of issues with the servers and the revealed server costs, some fans are naturally worried about Palworld potentially dying in the years to come. Thankfully, a developer has reassured fans that the survival epic is one game the Grim Reaper will not be able to collect.

Palworld developer reassures worried fans

Palworld developer Chujo Hiroto has reassured fans worried about the future of the game’s existence. A recurring issue with the game has been server stability, and Pocketpair CEO Takuro Mizobe recently revealed on Twitter that the company is on track to hit 70.53 million yen—the equivalent of $474,000—in server upkeep costs for February.

In revealing this news, Takuro Mizobe joked ‘Wait, maybe they’ll go bankrupt due to server fees?’. While the monthly cost is shockingly high, it’s not something that should be an issue as it shouldn’t be consistent and the game has sold over 19 million copies since launch on January 19th. It was just a joke from Mizobe anyway, but developer Chujo Hiroto has replied to reassure fans.

Palworld server costs tweet
Image credit: Takuro Mizobe

Responding to Mizobe’s revelation, Chujo Hiroto posted the following on Twitter to alleviate any concerns amongst the playerbase: ‘Following the order to never let the service go down no matter what, we have prepared servers without regard to cost. We will continue to give our all to ensure that all players can enjoy to the fullest!’

Palworld Chujo Hiroto tweet
Image credit: Chujo Hiroto

This is really good news for the community. It suggests there will always be servers in place even if the cost of running servers on a monthly basis remains staggeringly high. This should reassure fans that the game will not die anytime soon and that it has a healthy and prosperous future ahead especially following another update on the future of Pocketpair.

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Palworld is available on PC and Xbox along with Game Pass. Pocketpair has warned fans about downloading anything claiming to be related to the game on iOS and Android.