Palworld dev responds to players worried about new Sony partnership

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Palworld is one of the biggest games of 2024, and the IP is set to get even bigger thanks to the newly announced partnership with Sony and Aniplex. This partnership has the potential for a lot of good, but it has also caused some concern within the community. Thankfully, the community manager for Pocketpair has responded to players worried about the partnership between Sony and Palworld.

Whether you are a newcomer or a returning veteran, now is the best time to hop into the landscape of Palworld thanks to the release of the Sakurajima update. This has added PvP Arena along with a small update to pals that is so cute. In addition, there is a new island to explore along with meteorite events and so much more.

The game is absolutely flourishing, and it is one of the best and most popular releases of the year so far. There is potential for the IP to become so much bigger, and that appears to be happening with the newly announced partnership with Sony and Aniplex.

Palworld dev responds to fans worried about Sony partnership

It was very recently announced that Pocketpair has entered a partnership with Aniplex and Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) to form Palworld Entertainment. The announcement was made on Twitter with the promise that “merchandise will be available for pre-order sales at Aniplex’s directly-managed select shop, Aniplex Online!”.

Most of the replies on Twitter are full of excitement. There is yearning amongst the community for life-size plushies, and fans are just eager to see what merchandise will become available to buy.

However, on Reddit, some users have expressed concern. One user said, “My heart sank when I heard the word ‘Sony’ with another game developer,” with more users saying, “If someone tries to force PSN accounts I’m going to be pi**ed”. The worry is that Sony will interfere with gameplay and development.

On Discord, players echoed the same concerns with one user commenting, “Really hope the partnership with SME doesn’t sour Palworld as a game. I’ve seen how data-hungry and profit-driven Sony is with Helldivers 2. They tried forcing PSN accounts there, which luckily due to huge amounts of protesting on the internet didn’t happen”.

In response to the above concern on Discord, and by extension the same worries on Reddit, Pocketpair community manager, Bucky_cm, confirmed that “Palworld Entertainment has nothing to do with Palworld the game or its development”.

Palworld Entertainment
Image credit: Pocketpair Discord

Sony Music Entertainment has nothing to do with Sony Interactive Entertainment, and the newly forged Palworld Entertainment is simply to expand the IP away from the video game. Unlike the news shared on Twitter, the announcement on the official Palworld Entertainment Japanese website specifically mentions that video game licenses are not included in the deal.

Of course, players are assuming that partnership means Palworld will finally come to PS5. But, again, that has nothing do with Sony Music Entertainment, and a PS5 release was already teased in June.

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