Palworld PvP Arena location and where to find it

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✓ At a glance
  • The PvP Arena can be found northeast of the Eastern Wild Island fast travel point.
  • Use a Water or Flying Pal to get there fast.
  • You can fight Pal Tamers from the same server here. The goal is to either eliminate your opponent or take down all three of their chosen Pals.

Palworld’s PvP Arena is finally here alongside Sakurajima Island’s many biomes and Pals. If you’ve already begun exploring the new island, you’ll quickly find out that the Arena isn’t on the island. If you want to fight other players with three Pals each, you have to head for another remote northeastern island that’s nowhere near the new region. Here’s where you can find the Arena on the map.

PvP Arena location and how to get there

The Arena is on a tiny island to the northeast of the Eastern Wild Island fast travel point. Instead, you can head south from the Dessicated Desert point of interest as well. We recommend using a Water or Flying Pal with a saddle to get here fast. I used a Vanwyrm to soar over the water. You can swim too but that can take a while. And you’ll only have to do this rite of passage once as there’s a convenient fast travel point right next to the Arena’s entrance.

How to fight players in PvP

Once you reach the door, you can find a match with a Pal Tamer. You can choose to fight anyone on the server and can pick three Pals from your party to join you. The rules are simple: either knock out the Pal Tamer or all their Pals to win. Note that element weaknesses apply so pick Pals accordingly. 

You can also bring guns and other weaponry into the match. And don’t worry about wasting potions or ammo as all of it will be restored after the round ends. Pals will also return to their original health levels. This keeps you free from worrying about losing resources in what’s supposed to be a fun diversion from crafting and Pal hunting. Pocketpair’s new Sakurajima update unleashes some powerful Pals in the new region so consider getting some of them before dropping into the Arena.

Can you use the Arena in single-player mode?

While that might sound like a strange question, some players were hoping that they could take on waves of increasingly powerful NPC characters and Pals in real-time combat. Unfortunately, this is not the case. A member of the Palworld team confirmed this as well. You can’t even interact with the Arena’s door unless you’re in a multiplayer world. So you’ll have to convert your single-player world to a multiplayer one and bring friends or rivals over if you want to try this feature out. Cross-world invasion-style PvP isn’t supported at the moment but it might make its way to the game if there’s enough demand for it.

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