Palworld fans notice small update to Pals that is so cute

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Palworld fans have been returning to the game in droves since the release of the well-received Sakurajima update. This free expansion has added a lot more fantastic content to the game such as PvP Arena, a new island, coal and sulfur sites, and some more Pals to collect. While there are a lot of big additions, Palworld fans have noticed a small update to Pals that is so cute.

Pocketpair recently released a new Palworld update that fixed some bugs, but players are reporting that the achievements bug is still present on Xbox consoles. Although this is disappointing, the game is still fantastic with plenty to enjoy. If you are enjoying the Sakurajima update, we have guides for where to find the PvP Arena along with how to find the newly added Xenogard.

There is so much new content to enjoy, but there also some minor and small tweaks that are easy to miss. Fans have noticed a minor improvement to Pals, and it is small but undeniably cute.

Pals can now relax in your Palworld base

On Reddit, user KerbodynamicX created a Reddit thread titled ‘Your pals can now relax in your base‘. This comes with a screenshot showing Lamball idly chilling in the player’s home quarters.

In the replies, one of the comments says, “This update made the idle animations that pal have in the wild now also be used by pals on your base and I LOVE IT!”. To this another user replied, “Cattiva stretching warms my soul with how cute it is”.

It’s a small update, but it’s one the community is very appreciative of upon noticing. One user commented, “My pengullet still tries to fly while on break. Nice attention to detail,” while another user commented, “Oh, so that’s why I see my Lyleens do a little dance from time to time in my base”.

Of course, a running commentary about Palworld has been how Pals are enslaved with the game promoting animal abuse. It’s an absurd criticism that has been aimed at the game by few since day one, but it’s a criticism fans have embraced and turned into a joke.

In the replies, one of the comments says, “Or how about they get back to work,” to which another user replied, “I have a sweatshop base for all the slackers and the good ones get promoted to fort lazytown where the work mode is set to relaxed; over there, as long as the work gets done I couldn’t care less”.

Then there are simply more comments discussing how “Pals are cute”. Again, it’s a small update, but it’s a neat little inclusion that you may have missed.

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