Palworld devs partner with Sony and Aniplex in huge multi-media move

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Pocketpair, the developers behind Palworld, just announced a partnership with Sony and Aniplex that looks to build out the Pal-brand beyond its PC game roots.

Pocketpair is excited to announce a joint venture company with Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. and Aniplex, Inc., to establish Palworld Entertainment, Inc., for the purpose of accelerating the multifaceted global development of Palworld and its further expansion!

We are thrilled to announce that Palworld merchandise will be available for pre-order sales at Aniplex’s directly-managed select shop, Aniplex Online!


The deal connects Pocketpair with Sony and Aniplex under a new company, Palworld Entertainment, that is currently offering up merchandising. As of yet, pre-orders for Palworld merchandise have yet to begin, though it’s expected shortly.

The possibility of a multi-media Palworld expansions such as TV and Movie is also a possibility, and it definitely echoes a similar strategy to The Pokémon Company’s, which begun after the Nintendo game was first released.

The partnership with Sony Music Entertainment also suggests that PlayStation console ports of the game are likely too.

“In addition, starting from SME and Aniplex, we will also work with the Sony Group to promote new developments for ‘Palworld’. Please look forward to the business development of this JV, which will also lead to the ongoing development of the ‘Palworld’ game by Pocket Pair,” via translation of Famitsu.

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