Palworld appears to be coming to PS5, but Nintendo Switch is a different story

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Palworld has been one of the biggest and best games of the year so far, but it has been restricted to only PC and Xbox consoles. It has done a marvellous job on these platforms, yet, because of all its success, naturally players on PS5 and even Nintendo Switch want to join in on the fun. Although nothing is official, Palworld does appear to be coming to PS5, but, unfortunately, Nintendo Switch is a different story.

The long-awaited Palworld Sakurajima update is now out on Xbox and PC, and you can check out the 0.3.1 patch notes to see all of the content and changes. If you’re unsure, we have a guide for how to start the expansion in which we reveal the island location along with the recommended level, and we also have a guide for how to change pal skins.

Sakurajima brings a host of new pals along with PvP Arena, Xbox dedicated servers, and so much more. It’s only available to enjoy on Xbox and PC as of writing, but there is the likelihood it comes to PS5 soon, with a Nintendo Switch release also addressed by the Pocketpair CEO.

Palworld dev teases PS5 release?

Pocketpair community manager, Bucky_cm, appears to have teased a PS5 release for Palworld sometime in the future.

On Twitter, the community manager posted Palworld with green, white, and black heart emjois. These colours are synonymous with Microsoft for the Xbox. Bucky_cm said “they want to add more hearts, but not sure what colour would fit,” before adding a blue heart emoji.

Blue is synonymous with PlayStation, so everyone has taken this as a tease that game is coming to PS5.

Unfortunately, this is not official confirmation that the game is coming to PlayStation, nor is there any indication for when it could finally happen. Hopefully it happens sooner rather than later, but, for Nintendo Switch, things are looking dreary.

Will it come to Nintendo Switch?

While it’s possible the community manager is teasing a Palworld release for PS5, the Pocketpair CEO, Takuro Mizobe, has put doubt on the likelihood of a release for Nintendo Switch. And no, it’s not because of comparisons to Pokémon.

In an interview with Game File, the Pocketpair CEO discussed how Palworld has higher specs on PC than games on Nintendo’s console, so bringing the game to Switch would be “hard” because of “technical reasons” (via VGC).

This doesn’t completely eliminate the possibility of a Nintendo release as there is the Switch 2 kept under wraps with presumably much better technology. While there’s always the chance it could come to Nintendo’s successor, the likelihood of joining Switch appears to be zero.

For more Palworld, here is the best location for farming chests, and here is how to perform an easy XP glitch.

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