Next Palworld update is still coming as planned to ‘fix serious situation ASAP’

Next Palworld update is still coming as planned to ‘fix serious situation ASAP’
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It’s been a few weeks since the last patch for Palworld, but developer Pocketpair has been hard at work in getting one prepared. On the game developer’s official Discord channel, they have reassured fans that the next Palworld update is still coming as planned to fix the serious cheating situation ASAP.

Before the next and future patches come out, fans have shared how to temporarily fix a huge game-breaking bug for the Xbox PC version of the game yourself. And, away from fixes and patches, Microsoft has started a competition for fans to win a custom Palworld Xbox console and controller. It is very easy to enter said competition, and the console does look absolutely stunning.

The game has been an absolute marvel ever since its early access launch in January, and Pocketpair is working hard to provide fixes for bugs that sort of come with the territory for early access games. The next update should be right around the corner, and it should fix the game’s issues with cheaters.

The next Palworld update is still coming as planned

Pocketpair’s community manager, Bucky_cm, has reassured fans that the next Palworld update is still coming as planned. Pocketpair informed us all that the next Palworld update is coming at the end of February, and, on the Pocketpair Discord, Bucky_cm has posted that the patch ‘is still scheduled for the end of this month’.

No specific day is mentioned, but it should be released between now and Thursday. The last patch we received came out on February 7th. It was updates 0.1.4 and on Steam and Xbox respectively, and you can still find the patch notes online if you’re curious about what they fixed.

As for what this upcoming update will fix, Pocketpair has said that it will crack down on cheaters. Bucky_cm has said on Discord that ‘As serious as the cheating situation is, its impact isn’t as big as you might think,’ but ‘It is something we want to fix ASAP though’.

Next Palworld update still scheduled Discord message
Image credit: @Pocketpair Discord
Palworld cheating situation Discord message
Image credit: @Pocketpair Discord

Again, there’s no specific release day for the update, but the good news is that it hasn’t been delayed and it should arrive by Thursday. This is more good news for the community following on from the recent announcement that the game has destroyed another huge milestone since its launch on January 19th.

In other Palworld news, the developer has responded to the possibility of collabs and crossovers happening in the future. Xbox is partnering with Palworld to one day bring dedicated servers to console, and Microsoft’s admiration for the game has left Forbes predicting ‘there’s little doubt’ Xbox will try to buy Palworld.

Palworld is available on Steam, and it also available on Xbox and PC through Game Pass.