At last, the two most wanted features finally come to MW3

At last, the two most wanted features finally come to MW3
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The Call of Duty Next event is currently going on and if you’re not streaming, then you should! Activision has confirmed that both slide and reload cancelling will be returning in MW3 when the game launches in November. While both features have been highly requested, players are likely to be even more excited about the MW3 reload cancel.

If you’re yet to check out our MW3 beta date start date, we suggest you do that to know when the beta will go live. For now, be sure to go over the CoD Next rewards guide so you know what you’ll be getting by being a part of the CoD Next event.

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Slide and reload cancelling in MW3

Slide canceling and reload canceling are two advanced movement techniques that players often use to gain an advantage over their opponents. It is now confirmed during the CoD Next event that both features will be making a return in MW3 next month.

With slide canceling, players can cancel their slide animation early, which lets them increase movement speed and agility. To slide cancel, players simply need to press the slide button, then quickly press the jump button. This will cancel the slide animation and allow players to move more quickly.

Reload canceling on the other hand, allows players to cancel their reload animation early, which can be used to get back into the fight quickly. To reload cancel, players simply need to press the reload button, then quickly switch to their secondary weapon. This will cancel the reload animation and allow players to fire their secondary weapon immediately.

Both slide canceling and reload canceling can be used to great effect in Modern Warfare II. However, they can be difficult to master, and they require a lot of practice. So if you need more help, here’s how to slide cancel in Warzone. Before you head out, you’ll be happy to know that Ground War in MW3 has been confirmed by Activision as well.