MW3 preload date, time, and download size

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The next installment in the never-ending Call of Duty series is quickly approaching. It’s a return to Modern Warfare 3, and it promises to be another exciting entry for the CoD community. With its release right around the corner, the MW3 preload date and time have been revealed, along with a massive download size.

Fans on console simply need to buy the cross-gen bundle edition to get the campaign early access for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. Purchasing this package will allow you to play through the story a week before the launch of the full product, which includes multiplayer. For some, the cinematic story is always the best part of CoD, and campaign rewards have been revealed.

If you plan to play the newest Call of Duty as soon as possible, you will definitely want to preload in advance as the download size is quite large.

MW3 preload date

The preload date for the MW3 is November 1, 2023, for PS4 and PS5, as well as PC via Steam. This comes exactly a day before it launches on November 2. Of course, this doesn’t include Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer, which is scheduled to launch with the full package on November 10. Xbox presumably shares the same preload date, meanwhile, CharlieIntel report that you can preload on PC as of October 31 if you have pre-ordered through

In order to play early access on PS5 and Xbox, you must purchase the cross-gen bundle. This costs £69.99/$79.99 on the PSN store. As for PC, you simply need to pre-order the regular edition. You do not need to buy the Vault edition to get early access on either console or PC.

When can you preload MW3?

The MW3 preload time for multiplayer and zombies is on November 8, 2023 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM GMT. This was officially confirmed as part of Activision’s latest announcement ahead of the Modern Warfare 3 release date. You will have 24 hours to preload the narrative before the official release time.

Modern Warfare 3 preload time US

  • 10 AM PT on Wednesday, November 8
  • 1 PM ET on Wednesday, November 8

Modern Warfare 3 early access download time UK

  • 5 PM GMT on Wednesday, November 8

MW3 official launch preload date and time

The preload date for the official MW3 launch will begin at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET / 5 PM BST on November 8, 2023, according to Activision’s official announcement. This means you’ll have two days to install the game onto your system early before the actual release date kicks off.

Keep in mind, though, that the CoD publisher’s blog post only lists these times for the game’s PC version. However, we expect those on PlayStation and Xbox to be able to preload Modern Warfare 3 at this point as well.

MW3 campaign download size

According to PlayStationSize, the download size for the MW3 campaign packs in total is 89.019 GB for PS5. The account also reports that the full game, including multiplayer, comes in at 140.003 GB. This is much bigger than the base game and campaign packs download size for Vanguard and MW3 at launch, which were 53.795 GB and 52.915 GB, respectively.

Despite the massive download size, some disgruntled fans perceive Modern Warfare 3 as a glorified, premium-priced DLC for Modern Warfare 2. In response, one fan has used a classic SpongeBob meme to prove the game is not glorified DLC, meanwhile, members of the community have been voting on why they’re buying Modern Warfare 3.

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