How To Unlock Orion Camo MW2

How To Unlock Orion Camo MW2
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Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) offers a huge range of unlockable elements for players looking to personalize their time with the game. New weapons can be unlocked and altered in the gunsmith and Operator skins can be equipped. But one of the most sought-after customizable elements in Modern Warfare 2 is Mastery Camo.

Mastery Camo demands dedication to unlock, but it’s well worth the time and effort. If you’re going to be spending most of your time in Modern Warfare 2 with your favorite guns on screen, why not make them look exactly how you’d like them to?

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Orion Camo is the absolute peak Mastery Camo option currently available in Modern Warfare 2, and equipping it will show that you’ve truly perfected your skills with your preferred weapon type. We’ll show you how to unlock and equip Orion Camo with our Modern Warfare 2 guide.

MW2: How To Get Orion Camo

Modern Warfare 2 Orion Camo Unlock
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Getting to any stage of Mastery Camo in Modern Warfare 2 can be a real challenge. And Orion Camo is the most exclusive of the bunch, requiring you to first progress through every other Mastery Camo tier and challenge. The process to reach Orion Camo is outlined below:

  • Complete Base Camo challenges to unlock Gold Camo.
  • Completing all Gold Camo Mastery Challenges with a specific weapon class – eg: Assault Rifles, Marksman Rifles – unlocks Platinum Camo for that weapon class.
  • Repeat the process and complete Platinum Mastery Challenges – which require 200 kills with each weapon equipped with Platinum Camo – for all weapons in that class to unlock Polyatomic Camo.
  • Once more, complete all the Polyatomic Mastery Challenges, getting 300 kills with each weapon in a class equipped with Polyatomic Camo to unlock Orion Camo for all guns in that class.

MW2: How Many Hours To Get Orion Camo?

As detailed in the steps above, it can take quite some time to unlock the Orion Camo in MW2. Not only does it demand a lot of kills, but it also requires you to secure other Mastery Camos before you can even complete its challenges.

Because of its involved and time consuming process, fans might be wondering how long it will actually take them to get their hands on the Orion Camo, particularly in terms of hours. This will obviously depend on how efficient you are with the leveling up process of your weapons. That said, the estimated hours range it will take you to secure the Orion Camo is between roughly 125-185 hours of playing time, if not longer.

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The first player in the world to unlock the Orion Camo was a content creator that goes by the name of Skullface, and he did so in 115 hours over a six day stretch. That said, Skullface is an expert at the game, so that’s a very ideal mark to hit for a challenge as big as this.

Realistically, it will take you over at least 120 – 130 hours regardless to come away with the awesome Orion Camo. And if you manage to unlock it under that time frame, you’re certainly sitting amongst some elite company within the MW2 community.

MW2: Mastery Camo Ranks

Orion Camo is the final tier of Mastery Camo to be unlocked in MW2, coming after Gold, Platinum and Polyatomic.

While there are still Orion Mastery Challenges to complete, they will not award you with a new tier of Mastery Camo when complete. You’re free to equip the Orion Camo and know you’ve done all you can to show your expertise with your chosen weapons.

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Orion Camo will not only make your weapons stand out from the pack, it’ll also serve as an wake-up call for anyone that comes across you in a deathmatch.

It’s a true completists dream to get Orion, a nice way to flex to others that there’s not much to grind for in these respective classes… not too shabby!

MW2 Orion Camo FAQ

Is the Orion Camo in Modern Warfare 2?

Yes, the Orion Camo is the final type of Mastery Camo and can be unlocked in MW2.

What is the Best Weapon to get the Orion Camo with?

The M4 is a great starting weapon that will allow you to swiftly progress through Camo Mastery Challenges.

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