Stunning Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Mary Jane Lady Venom cosplay needs to be seen

Stunning Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Mary Jane Lady Venom cosplay needs to be seen
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The highly-anticipated Insomniac sequel is now out for everyone on PS5 to enjoy. The game is an absolute masterpiece, and one of its strongest elements is the cast of beloved characters. There’s a large gallery of iconic faces in the game, and one stunning female cosplay transforms Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 character Mary Jane into Lady Venom.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is only out on PS5. There is no new game plus as of writing, but it is coming in a free post-patch update intended before the end of the year. There are lots of new characters in the game, and all of the face models and voice actors do an incredible job bringing everyone to life. Peter and Miles remain an amazing duo, there is a massive gallery of iconic villains that need to be removed from New York City, and the gameplay from combat to web-slinging is a spectacular rollercoaster.

Our Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 review praises it as a 10/10 masterpiece, and we also give a 10/10 to this stunning cosplay that transforms fiery redhead Mary Jane into Lady Venom.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 cosplay turns Mary Jane into female Venom

Toronto cosplayer, Jillea, simply wows in her Mary Jane Venom cosplay. It transforms the Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 character into Lady Venom, and it looks absolutely stunning. The iconic fiery red hair stands out from all of the black, and the body paint shows the symbiote moving all over her hands and face. There’s a particularly nice detail with one eye taken over and completely white.

Mary Jane Venom cosplay by whoisjillea on Instagram
Image credit: Whoisjillea Instagram

Of course, the comments are full of praise. Spider-Man pun intended or not, one comment says ‘This cosplay is so amazing’. Another comment praises Jillea for ‘always killing it,’ while another remark that it ‘looks so cool’. Another says the ‘symbiote knows where it’s at,’ while most feedback is full of love heart and fire emojis. As a redhead, she’s also cosplayed as regular Mary Jane resembling The Amazing Spider-Man 601 comic book cover. She’s also done another female Venom cosplay that is simply immaculate and very gothic.

You can find a lot of other cosplays on her Whoisjillea Instagram page. She’s brought to life female Pennywise, a nightmare we never knew we needed, and she’s also portrayed dozens of video game icons such as Tomb Raider, Jill Valentine, Yennefer, and Diablo 4’s Lilith.

As for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, make sure to enjoy it right now if you have the luxury of owning a PS5. There is hope it will come to PC in the future similar to the first installment, but nothing has been announced as of writing.