Insomniac Games leaks reveal Venom game and huge new Marvel IP

Insomniac Games leaks reveal Venom game and huge new Marvel IP
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It’s been a really turbulent time with leaks this December and more have surfaced online regarding PlayStation exclusive developer, Insomniac Games. There have been lots of leaks pertaining to their Wolverine game, but now there is a leaked schedule of unannounced and upcoming titles. This Insomniac Games leak reveals an unannounced Venom game as well as a new Marvel IP that is really exciting.

As mentioned, it’s been a month full of leaks. The GTA 6 trailer was shared online out of the hands of Rockstar, and just recently there were Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League leaks that fans are still screaming about. In the case of Suicide Squad, Rocksteady has posted a statement on Twitter expressing their disappointment at the huge spoilers online while cautioning people to avoid them.

Now there are huge leaks for Insomniac Games. While there is leaked gameplay and story spoilers for the upcoming Wolverine PS5 exclusive, there is also a leaked roadmap that reveals all of Insomniac’s unannounced games up to 2035.

Leaked Insomniac Games Venom game

The leaks have revealed a new Venom game. Insomniac has previously teased a Venom spin-off, but it appears to actually be happening. Called Venom Lethal Protector, it is apparently set for 2025.

According to a leaked project slide, it will star a playable Venom who is switchable with the ‘Spider-Heroes’. Although not specifically named, ‘Spider-Heroes’ presumably means Peter Parker and Miles Morales.

Judging by other details shared in the leaked slide, the game is similar in scope to Spider-Man Miles Morales. Its story will continue after Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and lead into Marvel’s Spider-Man 3.

Insomniac Games roadmap leak

Below is the leaked Insomniac Games roadmap up to 2035:

  • Venom – 2025
  • Wolverine – 2026
  • Spider-Man 3 – 2028
  • New Ratchet and Clank – 2029
  • X-Men – 2030
  • New IP – 2031/32
  • New IP – 2035

All of the above comes from a leaked roadmap. We will not embed or share the physical leaks here, but the roadmap has been shared on Twitter. Nothing is official as of writing, and release slate plans can always change. Some of the leaked slides also include Spider-Man 2 Online for 2024, Wolverine Online for 2026, and X-Men Online, but these plans may be out-of-date or are ambitions that may not happen.

Judging by the above roadmap, an X-Men game is really exciting. It’s another new Marvel IP for Insomniac Games, and presumably, the Wolverine game will lead into it. Another Ratchet and Clank is exciting too, and it’s possible it could be a revolutionary showcase for the PS6 that is rumored for 2028.

In other gaming news, the second Epic Games mystery game for December 2023 has possibly leaked.