Helldivers 2 players need to eradicate 30 million Automatons per hour to complete the Major Order

Helldivers 2 players need to eradicate 30 million Automatons per hour to complete the Major Order
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The Major Order events help to advance the story and build upon the lore of Helldivers 2, with the outcome shaping how to the narrative progresses. Players have taken their share of wins and losses throughout the game’s history, which has led to enemy forces being pushed back as well as seeing them come back stronger than ever.

The current Major Order is one of the toughest that we’ve faced yet, and certainly, since we had to liberate 10 planets in less than a week. But with less than a day to go, it is looking unlikely that we will be successful. Players may recognize the Anti-Tank Mines as being one of the Stratagems on offer a couple of weeks ago when players could choose between unlocking them and the Airburst Rocket Launcher.

Screenshot of a game interface showing resource statistics, a mission titled "Major Order" with a progress indicator, and a rewards section in "Helldivers 2".
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The current Major Order calls for the extermination of 2 billion Automatons. If this is completed, the new Anti-Tank Mines Stratagem will be added to the game. However, with less than one day to go, the Helldivers have only killed 1.3 billion Automatons. This means that to complete the Major Order event, players will need to collectively eradicate approximately 30 million Automatons per hour to ensure victory. The Helldivers 2 player count typically peaks at around 150,000 concurrent players, meaning that each Helldiver only needs to kill 200 Automatons per hour to succeed, and it isn’t uncommon to kill more than that during each mission, which would make it achievable if everyone bands together to complete the Major Order.

With at least 50% of players fighting the Terminids at any one time, this has made the Major Order very difficult to complete, and it looks like not even a new Stratagem can pry players away from Terminid extermination. With 35% of the Major Order left to complete in under 20% of the time, it looks like players could be taking 2 Ls in a row.

If you want to do your part and try and unlock the Anti-Tank Mines, we highly recommend checking out our Helldivers 2 best weapons guide and best armor guide so you can be suitably equipped to rain down bullets and Stratagems on every robot you encounter as you bring democracy to the galaxy.