Helldivers 2 players tasked with killing 2 billion Automatons, but it won’t be as easy as the Terminids

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It has been very busy for Helldivers 2, with the PSN controversy still not being fully resolved, the new Polar Patriots Warbond being released, and players having to liberate multiple Terminid planets due to them creating a Supercolony and becoming “a greater threat than ever before.”

Whether players complete or fail a Major Order, there are no days off for the Helldivers as it is time to get to work by serving Liber-tea to the galaxy. This time, we are going back to the Automatons after spending the past couple of weeks focused on the Terminids.

A screenshot of the video game Helldivers 2 showing a galactic war interface with a segmented strategy map, labeled "Galactic War," focused on "Super Earth" at the center.
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The previous Major Order called for players to liberate four Terminid-controlled planets. Unfortunately, players were unable to do this, which is surprising as they were able to liberate ten just a few weeks ago. Following the failure, a message appeared in the game saying,

“We have failed to contain all of the outbreaks from the Meridian Supercolony. Terminids now infest more of our planets, spawning yet more agents of tyranny. Evacuation orders have been issued for all nearby planets. Citizens flee their homes, with only their clothes and family flags. This is unlikely to be the last of these outbreaks. They must be contained until the Ministry of Science finds a way to combat the Supercolony. Until then, our citizens will live in constant jeopardy.”

Screenshot of the Helldivers 2 video game interface displaying a "Galactic War" theme with a circular map divided into colored sectors and a briefing panel about a mission on "Super Earth.
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Despite failing to eradicate the Terminids, it now looks like we are taking our attention off of them, as the current Major Order calls for players to eradicate 2 billion Automatons. A new briefing message announced the Major Order saying,

“Following the tragic unavoidable loss of MD-17 Anti-Tank Mines on Choohe to the Automatons and the civilians too, production began elsewhere immediately. However, output has been restricted due to shortages of necessary metals. The Automatons stole precious minerals from us, and turned these stolen resources into new soldiers and war machines. We must recoup these losses. The Helldivers are ordered to conduct a forceful, large-scale decommissioning of Automaton forces. The recovered scrap of dismantled bots will then be put towards the construction of MD-17 Anti-Tank Mines.”

This is similar to a Major Order a few weeks ago that saw players eradicate 2 billion Terminids in just over 12 hours. However, it does get confirmed that an issue with the game was counting a team’s kills for a single player. This means that if four players in a squad got 200 kills each, the game would count the 800 kills for each player, meaning that combined it would count for 3,200 kills. This has now been fixed meaning that this Major Order, in theory, should take up to four times as long to complete.

At the time of writing, Helldivers 2 players are one day into the five-day event and have eradicated approximately 384,372,282 Automatons for a total of 19.2% completion. This puts players slightly below the target pace, meaning that more focus needs to be put on the Automatons if players will have any chance of victory.

The Polar Patriots Warbond was recently released, adding new weapons, armor, and cosmetics to the game. Although very few of the items stand out, including the Tenderizer which has been a disappointment in the community, the new Pummeler SMG has been a hit. To find out what is the best loadout to bring democracy to the Automatons, we highly recommend checking out our Helldivers 2 best weapons guide and best armor guide.

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