Helldivers 2 players may beat the hardest Major Order ever as it enters its final day

Helldivers 2 players may beat the hardest Major Order ever as it enters its final day
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The current Helldivers 2 Major Order is the hardest to date, with players needing to defend 10 planets at the same time. This came after successfully killing 2 billion Terminids in just over 12 hours. Despite wiping out a large amount of Terminids, they somehow successfully attacked a number of planets along with the Automatons and put the Helldivers on the back foot once again for the third time this month.

With just one day left, victory is in sight, but it will require a team effort of complete cooperation, can the Helldivers do it?

Screenshot of the "Helldivers 2" game interface showing the menu options such as social, options, and missions with various game statistics displayed.
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In the past two days, the amount of successful planets has jumped from two to six, after having been stuck on one for the first three days. This shows a snowball effect is taking place, which could indicate that the final four could be completed within the next day as more efforts can be put on a smaller amount of planets as they continue to be liberated.

Screenshot displaying "Helldivers 2: galactic war status and progression" with different planets' names, player scores, enemy predictions, and team contributions.
Image via Helldivers.io, captured by VideoGamer

According to Helldivers.io, two of the remaining four planets should be completed within the next 12 hours, leaving just two remaining, which are currently failing. However, with the Terminid forces only regenerating 1% per hour compared to Super Earth liberating at 13% per hour, the odds are stacked against the Terminids. With just two planets remaining, they could be completed before the timer reaches zero.

The odds have been stacked against the Helldivers throughout this entire Major Order, with players seemingly destined to fail from the start. The amount of planets needing to be defended is unlike anything we have seen in the game so far, coupled with progression tracking not working for the first two days, it seemed unlikely that it would be doable. But, the Helldivers 2 community isn’t one to give up and will often surprise developers with what can be achieved, including killing 2 billion Terminids in just over 12 hours.

With one day to go, it is more important than ever to optimize your loadout and gameplay so you have the best chance of succeeding with every mission you play. To do this, we highly recommend checking out our Helldivers 2 best weapons guide, best armor guide, and best Stratagems guide so you can bring democracy to the Terminids and we can secure our hardest achievement to date.