GTA 6 community screams bloody murder with their latest wishlist inclusion

GTA 6 community screams bloody murder with their latest wishlist inclusion
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Rockstar Games’ developed projects have historically been known for their graphic design and devil-may-care nature, so fans expect the same to stay true for GTA 6. In fact, many within the community are hoping that the developers take things a step further with their next crime-laden series entry after essentially screaming bloody murder with their latest request.

With Rockstar still yet to confirm the GTA 6 release date and details remaining scarce on its story and setting, fans have begun sharing and speculating on the features they’d like to see added to the game. One of the community’s requests, of course, includes the explicit gore system introduced as part of Red Dead Redemption 2 that saw plenty of blood – and other disfigured body parts – spilled all across its fictional, tumbleweed-stricken environment.

In a highly graphic Reddit thread, one user said: “The gore system in Red Dead II was insane, so if it returns, it will be much more brutal.” Afterward, they posted images of a few graphical examples from RDR2 that they’d like to see eventually make it into GTA 6. One commenter shared a similar sentiment but was wary of its inclusion in the upcoming project: “I love the gore in Red Dead Redemption 2. And I would love it in GTA 6. [But] I completely understand if they don’t have it in the game.”

Unfortunately, Rockstar Games has yet to respond to these speculations, so it remains unclear if they plan on adding it to the game. It’s also worth noting that GTA games have historically been less graphic than Red Dead series installments, which means GTA 6’s depiction of blood and guts may be less explicit. For now, though, all players can do is wait, so we recommend checking out our pages on the GTA 6’s near-record-breaking trailer, the GTA 6 engine, and the GTA 6 cross-platform functionality.