Is GTA 6 based in Vice City?

Is GTA 6 based in Vice City?
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Is GTA 6 based in Vice City? Now that Rockstar Games’ next series entry has officially been announced after 10 excruciatingly long years, this question may have already crossed your mind more than once. Don’t worry; we’ll be providing what we know here, so you won’t have to search any longer.

Of course, with the GTA 6 trailer release date taking place earlier than expected, we now know what the developer’s exact plans are about the game’s setting. That said, keep reading to find out whether GTA 6 will be based in Vice City or not.

Will GTA 6 be based in Vice City?

Yes, GTA 6 will be based in Vice City. This was confirmed through Rockstar Games’ recently released announcement trailer, wherein one of the scenes depicted the recognizable “Vice” sign. The trailer also had plenty of other nods – including several mentions of the local in the on-screen news reports.

Previously, a 2022 report from Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier also provided further proof of GTA 6’s classic setting after it stated, “Early designs called for the inclusion of territories modelled after large swaths of North and South America. The company reeled in those ambitions and cut the main map down to a fictional version of Miami and its surrounding areas.”

If you’ve been playing Rockstar’s crime-fueled open-world series since the beginning, you’re probably already familiar with Tommy Vercetti’s antics in 2002’s GTA: Vice City. And since its location is primarily inspired by the pristine beaches and bustling downtown of the Florida-based hub, it’s safe to assume that the “Miami” setting being referred to in Schreier’s past article is none other than the legendary metropolis of Vice City.

Unfortunately, you will have to remain patient for now until you can explore the modernized Vice City, with the GTA 6 release date still more than a year away. While you wait, take a look at our pages on GTA 6 cross-platform and GTA 6 PS4 compatibility.