Fortnite players are fed up with this annoying aspect

Fortnite players are fed up with this annoying aspect
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Despite plenty of new additions coming in the latest season, Fortnite players are still fed up with an annoying aspect of the game. Chapter 5 Season 2 introduced Olympian boss gods to battle, with updated medallions, new weapons, and plenty of rewards available with the latest Battle Pass.

With an iceberg appearing on the map, fans are looking forward to the new Fortnite event set to take over the island. We’re expecting to see some map changes, new skins, free rewards, and more when the Avatar collaboration joins the game.

That could lead to even more top gameplay for us to enjoy. However, Epic Games needs to address one of the main things frustrating the Fortnite community for that to happen.

Scoped Strategy

We all have our preferred loadout and strategy to earn a crown in Fortnite. Yet, one playstyle has become the prevailing force within the game. This has led to a stale meta for the last few months.

There have been plenty of posts across various social platforms for weeks complaining of the same thing, it just happens that we’ve used this one from u/vSnowSky on Reddit to highlight the situation:

“I’m so tired of this sniper fiesta meta. Seriously, it’s getting so boring now in ZB with this sniper meta. I don’t care about it being OP or not, I’m doing fine. But it still forces the same boring playstyle over and over again. Like it’s enough already, we’ve had this meta for damn 4 months now. And no, the spawn rate nerf didn’t change much.”

Fortnite annoying aspect: A post from Reddit complaining about the sniper meta in Fortnite.
A post from Reddit complaining about the sniper meta in Fortnite – Image via

We are definitely going through a period in the game where snipers have been the dominant weapon. This in itself isn’t necessarily a bad thing, there will always be a favoured weapon out there. However, it is the length of time that snipers have been the top dog which makes it an annoying aspect of Fortnite.

A balance adjustment announced by the @FortniteStatus account on X (formerly Twitter) for update v29.10 stated that “Snipers don’t drop as frequently, and no longer drop as Uncommon or Rare.” Many hoped that this would ease the abundance of the weapon in Battle Royale but it doesn’t seem to have had that effect. Instead, it just means that when snipers drop they are of higher quality, only coming as Epic or Legendary!

As pointed out by u/Educational_Book_225: “The spawn rate nerf is one of the funniest bandaid solutions I’ve ever seen. Everyone who wants a sniper still has one by the time there are 10 or 20 players left. Only difference is now they’re guaranteed to have a purple or a gold one.”

Perhaps another nerf is needed to balance snipers more and usher in a new meta. But what will be the next weapon that comes out on top? Take a look at our Fortnite weapons tier list to get an idea.