Fortnite patch notes (v30.10 update) – Metallica, Super Styles, new game mode, and more

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The latest Fortnite update brought another massive collaboration

  • The Fortnite x Metallica collaboration is now available
  • Each game mode received new content, including LEGO Fortnite
  • New Battle Royale-style game mode

Today’s Fortnite update brought a lot of new content. Considering it’s the first major update of Chapter 5 Season 3, this comes as no surprise. Epic Games has changed a couple of things in each mode, which is why we’ve prepared Fortnite patch notes for you.

What did today’s Fortnite update bring?

The Fortnite update today brought numerous things, but its focus is on the Metallica collaboration . Since the update was just released, we don’t have all the details about it, which is why we will keep updating these Fortnite patch notes every few minutes. Due to this, make sure to return to this page to check the latest news.

Fortnite Battle Royale and general patch notes

  • Super Styles for Battle Pass skins
  • New Mythic item: Ride the Lightning Guitar
  • Metallica Loot Island
  • New weapons
    • Tow Hook Cannon
    • New Hunting Rifle
    • Combat AR
  • New weekly quests
  • Victory Umbrella has been granted to eligible players
  • Large ammo boxes now drop Shield Bubble Jr.
  • New NPCs
    • Chopper
    • T-60 Power Armor
    • Chiara
  • Map changes
    • The central lake has become drier
    • Nitro Dome has been updated
  • Boogie Bombs have been vaulted
  • EMP Grenades have been unvaulted
    • EMP Grenades now disable vehicles for 10 seconds

LEGO Fortnite patch notes

The patch notes of LEGO Fortnite are quite long, as Epic Games released a massive content drop for it. The game developer added two extra modes, new skin styles, new creatures and items, and much more.

  • Added Cozy mode: Mix or Survival and Sandbox
  • Added Expert mode: Hardcore Survival mode
  • New Storm-Wild enemies
  • New Item: Totem of Return
  • Three new trophies that can be earned in the Expert mode
  • High complexity improvements
  • Villagers in the Rebel Village will no longer count towards the world Villager cap
  • The world Villager count in the Village Hub will display the correct number of Villagers
  • Skeletons will be less likely to spawn in Villages
  • Lava Caves on Star Wars Island will have Rubies
  • Animals will do a better job avoiding Campfires
  • Wolves learned how to swim
  • LEGO Fortnite styles for 122 skins, including Dusk, Cameo vs Chic, and more

Epic released extensive LEGO Fortnite patch notes on its blog, so head over to there for all the details.

An image showing new instruments coming to Fortnite Festival
New instruments and cosmetics have arrived with today’s Fortnite update. Image by VideoGamer

Fortnite Festival changes

  • Battle Stage – New game mode
  • New Festival Pass featuring Metallica
  • New Jam Stage
  • Free rewards
  • Jam Tracks can now be used as Lobby Music
  • Improved Fret Forgiveness
  • Ability to activate Overdrive during extended song breaks
  • Many Jam Tracks have received adjustments
  • Bug fixes and improvements

You can read all the Fortnite Festival patch notes here.

Rocket Racing updates

  • New track: Thrash Mountain
  • Free rewards
    • Backfire Car Body
    • Puppetmaster Backfire Decal
    • Chasing Light Wheels
  • Metallica-themed Jager 619

So far, these patch notes come from both Fortnite data miners and Epic Games, as the update came out around 4 AM Eastern Time. However, the game developer may soon release more information, including weapon balance changes, gameplay tweaks, and more. If necessary, we will update our patch notes throughout the day.

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