Fortnite: Best guns in Chapter 5 and our weapons tier list

Fortnite: Best guns in Chapter 5 and our weapons tier list
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Choosing the best Fortnite weapons and guns can be quite tricky. Epic Games has released various weapons, allowing players with different playstyles to take advantage of them. Due to this, nearly every weapon in the game can be used effectively.

However, some Fortnite guns are so amazing that anyone uses them, from beginners to professionals. We have prepared a list of the best guns in Fortnite you can use in Chapter 5 – Season 1. Many new weapons have come with the new chapter, and here are the best ones. If you are after rare weapons, then look into hot spots for weekly tasks, as you will be able to pick up rare weapons after completing certain tasks.

What are the best Fortnite weapons and guns in Chapter 5?

Striker AR

The Striker AR is a reliable automatic weapon that can be used from just about every range. While it’s not as good as a submachine gun from close range or a sniper from a distance, the Striker AR is versatile and a must-have in your inventory.

The SCAR has been an iconic Fortnite weapon and was arguably the best weapon in Fortnite for a few years. In Chapter 5, the weapon is still versatile, but if you want to hit targets from mid-range, you need to tap-fire it.

Thanks to weapon mods, you can add a scope to the SCAR, making it much more effective.

Reaper Sniper Rifle

Sniper Rifles have always been among the best weapons in Fortnite. Most of them are capable of taking enemies down with a single headshot, which is their biggest strength. The Reaper Sniper Rifle is powerful but also versatile.

With weapon mods in Fortnite Chapter 5, you can add different scopes to the Reaper Sniper Rifle. This means that you can turn the new weapon either into a Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle or into a Hunting Rifle. Furthermore, the long-range rifle holds up to three bullets in its magazine, which makes it much more powerful.

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New Fortnite weapons are versatile

Thanks to weapon mods, you can now adjust Fortnite weapons to your liking. These mods allow you to increase magazine size and fire rate, make reloading faster, reduce recoil, and much more. You can also choose a different scope, which is useful for medium and long-range weapons.

Hammer Pump Shotgun

The Hammer Pump Shotgun is among the best close-range weapons in Fortnite. The weapon comes in several rarities, including Mythic, which is obtainable by eliminating Peter Griffin. However, you should only pick up this weapon if your aim is good and if it doesn’t have a scope.

Due to a slow reload time, hitting headshots with the Hammer Pump Shotgun is crucial, so make sure to work on your accuracy. If you don’t land a shot, you will give your enemy a chance to take you down. While the Pump is one of the best Fortnite guns, it’s also a weapon that requires you to have a nearly flawless aim.

Frenzy Auto Shotgun

If slow-firing weapons like the Hammer Pump Shotgun aren’t your cup of tea, you should carry the Frenzy Auto Shotgun in your Fortnite inventory. This is a much faster weapon that is very effective at close range. While it can’t take enemies down in a single shot, it can certainly do so with a few more hits.

The Frenzy Auto Shotgun is another common weapon that can be found everywhere on the island. It doesn’t make much skill to use, which makes it perfect for new players as well. In a way, it’s similar to the Tactical Shotgun, which is one of the all-time great weapons in Fortnite.

Ranger Pistol

The Ranger Pistol has a fast fire rate, which makes it effective for taking enemies down from close range. If submachine guns or shotguns aren’t something that you particularly enjoy, you should give the new pistol a chance.

While the regular variant of the weapon is decent, you should try putting different mods on it. If you’d like to tap-fire it and hit targets from mid-range, put a scope on it. However, if you prefer using it for close-quarters combat, avoid the scope and put a magazine and recoil weapon mod on it.

Hyper SMG

Hyper SMG is a fast weapon that is perfect for close-range combat. While it suffers from vertical recoil, you can use attachments to reduce it and make the weapon more accurate. With proper mods, you can also deal some damage with the weapon from medium range.

The Mythic variant of the gun can be obtained from Valeria at Reckless Railways. Undoubtedly, the Hyper SMG is among the best weapons in Fortnite, as its DPS is incredible. However, you need to make sure that the weapon doesn’t have a scope if you intend to use it for close-range combat only.

Nemesis AR

Nemesis AR is somewhat similar to the Heavy Assault Rifle from previous Fortnite chapters. It’s much slower than the Striker AR but has a larger magazine, deals more damage, and reloads faster. It’s also much easier to control for long-distance shots, which makes it versatile at all ranges.

If you pick up this gun, try to put a scope on it. It will make it much easier to hit shots from medium and long range. While the Nemesis AR may not be as popular as the Striker AR, it’s still fantastic and arguably one of the best weapons in Fortnite Chapter 5 – Season 1.

Best Fortnite guns – Honorable mentions

While the weapons above are very effective at taking enemies down, there are a few more items you should consider using. These items are great as well, but certainly not as popular as the other guns we listed.

Here are the other amazing weapons in Fortnite you should try out:

  • Thunder Burst SMG – Another great SMG, but it fires shots in bursts
  • Ballistic Shield – Great item for beginners, since the shield can’t be destroyed
  • Cluster Clinger – This item is fantastic for destroying enemy structures
  • Mythic weapons – All Mythic weapons in Fortnite Chapter 5 are amazing, but you can only get them from bosses

Keep in mind that Epic Games will likely change the loot pool throughout the season. However, most of the new weapons will stay until the end of it.

Weapons tier list in Fortnite Chapter 5

If you’d like to add amazing weapons to your Fortnite loadout, our tier list will show you the best guns. However, keep in mind that some of these weapons may not work for you. For example, if you’re a fan of a higher rate of fire, which is one of the most important stats, you may not be good with the Hammer Pump Shotgun, even though it’s a fantastic weapon.

SHyper SMG, Stiker AR, Reaper Sniper Rifle
AEnforcer AR, Nemesis AR, Frenzy Auto Shotgun
BBallistic Shield, Hammer Pump Shotgun, Ranger Pistol
CCluster Clinger, Firefly Jar, Grapple Blade
DThunder Burst SMG

List of all Fortnite weapons currently available

If you’re looking for a list of all Fortnite weapons currently available, you’ve come to the right place. Our guide has every weapon in the game, and they are all grouped into different categories, such as weapon types.

  • Assault Rifles: Striker AR, Nisha’s Striker AR, Nemesis AR, Montague’s Enforcer AR, Enforcer AR
  • Shotguns: Hammer Pump Shotgun, Peter Griffin’s Hammer Pump Shotgun, Frenzy Auto Shotgun, Oscar’s Frenzy Auto Shotgun
  • Submachine Guns: Hyper SMG, Valeria’s Hyper SMG, Thunder Burst SMG
  • Pistols: Ranger Pistol, Ballistic Shield, Lock On Pistol
  • Sniper Rifles: Reaper Sniper Rifle
  • Melee: Grapple Blade
  • Explosives: Cluster Clinger

Best weapons in Fortnite – FAQ

What is the best weapon in Fortnite Chapter 5?

It’s hard to pick only one best weapon in Fortnite Chapter 5. This all depends on your playstyle, but our list of weapons above should help you choose a strong gun.

How can I use weapon mods in Fortnite?

Each gun that has an Uncommon (Green) or higher rarity will come with at least one mod. However, if you want to change these mods, you need to find Mod Benches. They are located inside Vaults, and you can gain access to them after eliminating one of the five bosses on the island.

What is the best Fortnite weapon for beginners?

If you’re a Fortnite Battle Royale beginner, we recommend you use the Striker AR, Frenzy Auto Shotgun, and Ballistic Shield. These weapons don’t require a lot of skill, which makes them perfect for you.