Epic Games to make a shocking Fortnite change, according to leakers

Epic Games to make a shocking Fortnite change, according to leakers
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Epic Games is reportedly set to make even more changes to its ever-transforming shoot ’em up as notable Fortnite leaker Shiina has revealed that Fortnite OG will not be included as a separate mode in Chapter 5. Despite the classic battle royale experience having broken several records during its relatively short tenure, the glowing accolades seemingly have not been enough for the devs to make it a mainstay.

Though the Fortnite Big Bang live event start date is kicking off soon with a slew of new content for players to enjoy, the celebration has not been enough to dissuade the community from voicing their displeasure at Epic Games’s intent to remove Fortnite OG. Following Shiina’s revelation that “Fortnite OG will not be staying as a separate mode during Chapter 5” in an X post, most fans immediately expressed their disappointment, with one commenter comparing it to the constant ebb and flow of the popular fast-food entrée, the McRib.

Others, on the other hand, simply hoped that the content set to be introduced with the next update would be enough to compensate for the disappearance of the beloved classic Fortnite experience. Surprisingly, however, some users were also glad to see Fortnite OG’s departure, as one responder said, “It is for the best.” “Last time it was a sad goodbye. Never thought we would have the opportunity to come back. Leaving this time saying goodbye won’t be as somber,” they continued.

Now, before you go and spread the word of Epic Games’s intention to remove Fortnite OG from the game, keep in mind that they have yet to confirm this as of writing. This means the devs could still change their mind from now until the release of the next update, so there may still be hope for classic battle royale fans.

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