Epic fixed Split Screen in Fortnite with latest update

Epic fixed Split Screen in Fortnite with latest update
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UPDATE (April 12, 12:43 PM): Split Screen in Fortnite has been fixed. Original article below.

Epic Games has made several changes to Fortnite this week. The second major update of Chapter 5 Season 2 came out on Tuesday, bringing new things to the game. Unfortunately, Epic has also dealt with some unexpected issues, which is why one of the most popular features was removed. Even though the game developer posted an explanation for this, many players are still confused about why this happened.

This week’s Fortnite update brought the Avatar collaboration and a controversial Item Shop change. However, Epic had to take Fortnite’s split screen feature down, as it caused some unexpected problems. In this article, we will explain why the development team removed this feature and when we can expect it to come back. Also, make sure to check out how to get free Fortnite skins and cheaper V-Bucks.

Fortnite’s split-screen feature is no longer available

Shortly after releasing the v29.20 Fortnite update on Tuesday, Epic Games removed the split screen feature. Many players who used this fantastic co-op feature are confused as to why this happened. However, the development team explained that Fortnite’s split screen was temporarily disabled in order to fix matchmaking issues.

Epic is currently investigating the issue with matchmaking and split screen, but it’s hard to tell when exactly it will return to the game. The Fortnite Status page on X (formerly Twitter) will post an update when this issue is fixed. Considering that the problem affects matchmaking, Fortnite’s split screen may not return within a few more days.

Tweet from Fortnite status about temporarily disabling splitscreen play due to a matchmaking issue, leaving players confused. The tweet includes an icon of two game controllers.
Fortnite’s split-screen feature is down at the moment. Captured by VideoGamer

If you’d like to get more updates regarding this issue, please check out Fortnite’s thread on X. The development team will post an update as soon as the split screen feature is back in Fortnite, so you’ll get a chance to get back to it right away. If you’re not sure how to enable this feature, check out our guide on how to get the split screen in Fortnite.