Fortnite fans beg Epic to nerf this out of control weapon

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Fortnite players would gladly see another nerf in Fortnite. The meta situation hasn’t been perfect in Chapter 5, and despite Epic Games’ best efforts, many players are still not happy with it. It’s safe to say that the development team will make more changes to the meta. However, these may not be the changes that players want.

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Fortnite players want yet another nerf

The Reaper Sniper Rifle has been one of the most controversial weapons in Fortnite lately. Many players consider it the strongest weapon, mostly due to its ability to take enemies down with a single shot. However, there is another reason why the long-distance rifle is so good. With the release of Chapter 5, Epic Games removed several hitscan weapons, which turned out to be a problem.

Despite several Reaper Sniper Rifle nerfs, the weapon is still very effective, and that doesn’t sit well with many players. Reddit user MistaDontPlayyy brought this to attention, writing that the reason why snipers are strong is the lack of hitscan weapons. “Snipers were balanced until they made all of the guns projectile based,” the Reddit user wrote.

A detailed Fortnite sniper rifle in mid-air with an ornate design, set against a dramatic background featuring an explosion and a dusky sky.
The Reaper Sniper rifle might be the strongest Fortnite weapon at the moment. Image by VideoGamer

Many others agreed, pointing out that dying too quickly is certainly no fun. “Game is a joke right now,” LadderOne2439 said, while also pointing out how strong the Waterbending Mythic ability is. Interestingly, while many players wanted Epic to nerf this Fortnite weapon, no one suggested how this should be done.

However, a couple of players had different opinions. “I personally love the snipers and what they bring to gameplay. People should feel like they need to be aware of their surroundings at all times, and even learn to disengage and reposition/take cover now and again,” MorningLtMtn pointed out. Considering that most players die simply because they are not aware of their surroundings, this makes sense.

With Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 starting in less than a month, it’s unlikely that Epic will make massive changes in the next few weeks. However, the next season may bring a different meta, but we’ll have to wait a bit longer for it.

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