Epic Games admits mistake with Fortnite cosmetic guidelines, new options on the way

Epic Games admits mistake with Fortnite cosmetic guidelines, new options on the way
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It’s been no secret that Epic Games’s recent decision to restrict many of the cosmetics available within Fortnite has been unpopular with the community at large. Fortunately, the massive player backlash that arose after the launch of the recent update has prompted the game’s developer to acknowledge its mistake, promising fans that a few new options are on the way that should let you use many of the skins sitting in your locker without issue.

However, what these “new options” will be remains unclear, as Epic Games’ announcement failed to specify the changes they plan to introduce following the infamous Fortnite update 27.10 release. But despite the lack of concrete details, the developer’s recent post did state that these additional features will be launched alongside “some sort of big in-game event,” which means it should be made available sooner rather than later.

Epic Games also hasn’t specified what this “big in-game event” will be, but since update 27.10 was only recently released, you can likely expect it to be launched at some point in early December. This is typically when the annual Winterfest celebration begins, so you may be surprised with more than a handful of in-game presents once it starts.

Naturally, player reaction towards this announcement has primarily been positive, with most fans praising Epic Games for listening to the community’s comments. Several responses below the post mentioned above consisted of numerous content creators lobbing plaudits toward the developer as the official X account for the Opera web browser even called this a “huge W.”

Now, though, only time will tell if these changes to the Fortnite cosmetic guidelines will live up to player expectations. So, while you wait, take a look at our guides on how to get the Lewis Hamilton skin in Fortnite, how to improve FPS in Fortnite, and how to get Split Screen in Fortnite to pass the time.