Best Adventure Maps in Fortnite Creative

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Going on a thrilling adventure is one of the best parts of gaming. Who doesn’t want to explore a forgotten city or travel to the very ends of the earth? Well, we might not be able to do that in real life, but to no one’s surprise, you can in Fortnite Creative! There are loads of maps that feature great adventures, from caves to outer space. In this article, we’ll list some of the best adventure maps in Fortnite Creative, so you’re never short of new worlds to explore. So, shall we take a look?

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The Lost Stone (Code – 9454-8941-1120)

The Lost Stone is one of the best adventure maps because it has an absolutely amazing storyline. When you first load into the map, you’ll find yourself lost in a peculiar cave, with no idea how, or why, you’re there. 

To find out who put you in the cave, and why, you’ll need to work your way up to the surface. There will be plenty of surprises and enemies along the way, so you’ll want to stay as alert as possible!

To make this adventure map even more immersive, consider bringing a few friends along with you.

Volarun – Trouble in the Flying City (Code – 6012-3351-2084)

Volarun has all of the features that you’d want in an adventure map. The map itself looks awesome, and there are plenty of unique areas to explore. But the best thing about this map is the storyline.

In this map, the city, Volarun, is in danger of being destroyed, and you are the only person who can save it. To save the city, you’ll need to partake in a number of puzzles and use your parkour skills to uncover the secrets of why the city is in danger. 

Trust me, you’ll lose track of time while playing on this map!

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Egypt – Curse of Neferkahor (Code – 1425-2408-4219)

If you love Ancient Egypt, then this map is perfect for you. The story behind this adventure map is that Egypt has been plagued by the dangerous curse of Neferkahor. You are the only person who can save the cities, but doing so is going to be a real challenge.

This map has all the ingredients for a great adventure. The map itself is well-designed, with plenty of unique buildings to explore. The story is captivating, and the actual gameplay is challenging. 

Ultimately, this map offers one of the most well-rounded adventure experiences, and you won’t want to give it a miss!

King Slayer Adventure Maze (Code – 1547-3995-1716)

If you want to adventure through an epic castle, whilst collecting bonus coins, completing puzzles, and fighting your way through mazes, this map is built for you. It’s an incredibly well-thought-out map, with dozens of puzzles, mazes, and secrets to explore. 

The aim of this adventure map is to make your way through the castle and slay the tyrant king. But, this is going to be pretty tricky – so make sure you’re prepared for a real battle!