7 Best Creative Maps For XP in Fortnite

7 Best Creative Maps For XP in Fortnite
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The best creative maps for XP in Fortnite might be just what players who are tired of the classic battle royale mode are looking for.

Fortnite Creative maps, which have been actively played by the gaming community for years, are mainly used for fun. Do not let that fool you, some maps are a great resource to earn XP!

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With each new Battle Pass, wonderful characters, skins and animations continue to be added to the game. You can complete seasonal quests to earn them. If you are looking for something faster, try out the maps we will be introducing shortly.

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These maps, within the rules approved by Epic Games, promise you a fun gameplay and will let you collect XP faster than normal.

You can play the following maps on your own. If you want to know which Fortnite maps are best to play with your friends, you should also check out this article.

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How To Connect To Fortnite Creative Maps

Connecting to Fortnite Creative maps is pretty simple. You need to find the unique code of the map you want to play.

After you write down or copy the 12-digit code, what you need to do is quite easy:

  1. Open Fortnite and click on the game mode section.
  2. Select the Island Code tab on the upper menu.
  3. A new window will open. Enter the map code in the space here.

Since almost anyone can create and publish Creative maps, these codes are the only way to connect to them. 

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Below you will find the codes of the best XP maps that we have selected for you. You can also find these codes in Reddit threads, on Fortnite Discord servers or via Twitter.

Best Creative Maps For XP in Fortnite and Their Codes

You can play some of the best Fortnite roleplaying maps to experience a different gameplay. If your goal is to level up quickly in a short amount of time, you should choose the best Fortnite maps to earn XP. 

Here are the best creative maps for XP in Fortnite:

  • 707 Level Deathrun
  • The Pit Free For All
  • Zombieland
  • Parkour Fun Run
  • One Shot Gun Game
  • Toy Box FFA
  • SypherPK’s Pit

707 Level Deathrun

Welcome to the Fortnite version of Deathrun, one of the most popular game modes among gaming communities for years. Your objective is to finish this map before anyone else.

As you can imagine, it’s not that easy. Booby traps, moving floors and subtle surprises will do everything to stop you.

But do not worry, because you’ll have a chance to earn 40,000 XP. Dare yourself and try to complete the part that seems impossible.

You can access this map, created by the great designer fhsupport, with the code 8630-1873-5089.

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The Pit Free For All

While there are many ways to earn XP in Fortnite, the most fun is still fighting other players. Just because you stayed away from battle royale mode does not mean you have to leave it.

Designed by Geerzy, The Pit Free For All is a deathmatch map that fits right into Fortnite. While you fight and improve your aim, you can gain XP very quickly.

You can play this map alone or with your friends. After the map loads, you can jump into the pit and start fighting right away.

While you’ll get XP for each player you kill, you’ll also try to keep up with a faster game pace than you are normally used to.

You can play this map, one of Fortnite Creative’s best XP maps, with the code 4590-4493-7113.



Do not let the name fool you, this is not a map to one of the most watched zombie movies of all time. But you’ll still be fighting the zombies that keep coming at you.

As you can imagine, the zombies are getting stronger on this map, which has five different levels. With the gold you collect, you’ll buy better weapons.

This map is not a PvP unlike many XP maps in Fortnite Creative. Here you’ll fight with other players against zombies controlled by an AI.

You can play this map for hours. It is perfect to collect XP and relax your mind at the same time.

The code you’ll have to type to play Zombieland, designed by atomic: 9369-6922-8408.

Parkour Fun Run

You don’t have to fight just because you play Fortnite. There are much more peaceful and fun ways to earn XP.

This map, designed by Candook, is a great recreation of Fall Guys. On a fast-paced parkour map, you’ll try to be first before your opponents. Of course, this is not easy.

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You’ll encounter moving obstacles, unbalanced surprises and jump points that will require you to perfectly apply the basic movement mechanics.

It’s not the race for first place that brings the 16-player map to this list. Special icons that let you earn experience points are spawned in hidden places along the route. You can quickly level up if you collect them.

You can play this map with the code 1387-7831-4752 to put your gun aside for a few hours while having fun and collecting XP.

One Shot Gun Game

It can be a good choice to improve your aim while collecting XP with Fortnite Creative maps. One of the best maps for this is One Shot Gun Game, designed by Smurff.

As you can see from the name, it’s a map where you can kill your opponents with a single bullet. You’ll use a total of 55 weapons and try to kill your opponents with all of them before anyone else.

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Be sure to try out this map, in which you’ll get XP for each eliminated enemy and that offers fast and entertaining gameplay.

If you trust in your movement mechanics and your aim, we invite you to use the code 0345-9115-1287.

Toy Box FFA

Just like The Pit Free For All map, you’ll be able to use your lethal abilities to quickly collect XP. Besides, this time your building abilities are also important.

This map actually offers different game modes. All the weapons and items in Fortnite are included. You can choose the loadout you want and then fight to the death with other players.

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Since you’ll be instantly reborn when you die, you can fight over and over again. On this map you’ll be able to get experience points in minutes that would normally take you hours.

You can connect to the map, developed by the user called post, with the code 9061-5458-7889.

SypherPK’s Pit

Named after the content creator SypherPK, who is very well-known in the Fortnite community, this map is a good choice to earn XP.

To be clear, it does not offer any surprising or special content. After connecting to the map, you’ll jump into the pit and start a fight to the death with other players.

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Since you’ll immediately respawn after your death, you’ll be able to fight as long as you want and get XP for each enemy you kill.

You’ll improve your aim, try out the weapons you want and spoil the day of other players. Also it has all the weapons in Fortnite.

You can use the code 2545-5795-5996 to play this simple but effective map.

What is a Deathrun in Fortnite?

Death runs are inventive maps will grant you hundreds of thousands of XP in seconds. Deathrun maps are a great way to practice movement in Fortnite and provide a break from the typical battle royale action.

Since traversal and strafing are necessary skills for surviving shootouts on the Island, Deathruns can be extremely useful if you want to improve your skills.

That’s all we shared about the best creative maps for XP in Fortnite now. With all these maps you can level up playfully and quickly. It’s also possible to earn XP illegally on some maps that we do not list here, but we recommend that you do not force Epic Games in this regard.

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Best Creative Maps for XP in Fortnite FAQS

What is the most XP in Fortnite?

TG Plays, a Youtuber, earned over a million XP in one match and then broke it again with two million, breaking the initial non-cheat record of 600,000XP.