Fortnite update today – bonus rewards, map changes, Minigun, and more

Fortnite update today – bonus rewards, map changes, Minigun, and more
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Epic Games released another Fortnite update today. This is the first major update of the OG Season, and it brings a lot of new content. The current season will bring several Chapter 1 maps back, and now it’s time for Seasons 7 and 8.

As Epic Games previously clarified, new seasons will arrive on November 16 and 23. The last stage of the season will bring Season X back, along with another massive live event. The new update has set the stage for big changes in Fortnite, and here’s everything that it brought.

Keep in mind that most of these changes will be enabled at 9 AM Eastern Time. If you don’t see these new things in the game, you will have to wait for a few more hours.

The Fortnite update today brought the Invincible collaboration

The v27.10 Fortnite update has brought many new cosmetic items. From bonus rewards to a new collaboration, fans have a lot to look forward to. The Fortnite x Invincible collab was added with the patch and it brings three new skins: Invincible, Omni-Man, and Atom Eve.

On top of this, Epic Games added the Skull Scout skin to the game data, which is a mix of Recon Expert and Skull Trooper. Finally, bonus rewards have also been revealed. Once again, Epic released colored variants of the Battle Pass skins, including a gold style for Omegarok.

A screenshot featuring the time breaker outfit in the latest Fortnite update.
Image via Epic Games

This season’s super styles are called Time Breaker. Besides Omegarok, Lil Split and Renegade Lynx also received extra styles. To unlock them, you will first have to complete the entire Battle Pass. After that, you’ll have to unlock the bonus rewards from the first page, before gaining access to the second page.

The other skins that the Fortnite update brought today will come to the Item Shop. Their release date is currently unknown, but they’ll likely come within the next week. Furthermore, the update also brought a free Fortnite skin you can unlock over the next few weeks.

Fortnite map and gameplay changes

The Fortnite update today has also brought some map and gameplay changes. The snow biome from Chapter 1 – Season 7 is here, and players can visit some iconic places, like Frosty Flights and parts of Polar Peak. Additionally, Pirate Camps from Season 8 are now also in the videogame.

✓ Fortnite map change

The snow biome is not identical to its Chapter 1 version

The snow biome is in the same position as its Chapter 1 counterpart. However, it’s missing a few parts, such as Happy Hamlet. This is likely due to the storyline, as Jonesy and Dr. Slone went back to the past and are trying to change it.

The new biome is located in the southwest corner of the island.

A snow-covered mountain towering over a vibrant red building, showcasing the captivating scenery of a recent Fortnite update.
Image via Epic Games

Here are all the new items that were added with the Fortnite update today:

  • Flint-Knock Pistol
  • Minigun
  • Quad Launcher
  • Poison Dart Trap
  • Buried Treasure
  • Itemized Glider Redeploy
  • Tactical Submachine Gun

Considering that the Fortnite OG Season will end in early December, these items will likely stay in the game until then. While we got several new items, some of them were removed from the game as well. Here is a list of the vaulted items:

  • Suppressed Pistol
  • Suppressed Submachine Gun
  • Light Machine Gun –
  • Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle
  • Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle
  • Boogie Bomb
  • Chiller Trap
  • Port-A-Fortress
  • Double Barrel Shotgun
  • Six Shooter

Fortnite updates FAQ

How big is the new Fortnite update?

The download size varies from one platform to another, but expect to download a few gigabytes of data. The size will be even bigger if you have Fortnite: Save the World installed on your device.

Do I have to download this Fortnite update?

Yes, you have to download the latest Fortnite update if you want to play the game. If you don’t do it, you will get an error that won’t let you access the game.