Popular Apex Legends movement tech bug should be removed or reworked

Popular Apex Legends movement tech bug should be removed or reworked
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Apex Legends remains massively popular and developer Respawn has released a new event. This Inner Beast Collection event has divided the game’s community over the new LTM, but there’s another hot take from fans sure to divide opinion. This hot take is that the popular Apex Legends superglides movement tech should either be removed as a bug or heavily reworked.

As mentioned, the ongoing Apex Legends Inner Beast event has the community venting frustrations. This is because of the Hunters LTM revealing the location of players. This LTM has resulted in the community especially lambasting the solo experience, meanwhile, the community is also upset over the ugly Season 20 skin reward earned for unlocking all S20 legends.

While the Inner Beast Collection event has annoyed many fans, the good news is that it will shortly end on March 19th. On the other hand, there is no end in sight for some of the community’s frustrations over the superglides tech movement.

Apex Legends fans argue superglides should either be reworked or removed from the game

Reddit user alekdmcfly has posted an Apex Legends hot take that ‘Superglides should either be consistent or removed from the game‘. Their argument is that Respawn needs to remove the chance factor of ‘whoops, you inputted jump and crouch nearly perfectly after each other, but you did it at the end of a frame, not at the start’.

They argue that ‘Muscle memory can be trained, but you cannot synchronize your hand-eye coordination to 60 FPS’. The Reddit OP ultimately argues that Respawn should make it a ‘jump or a crouch input, not both’. They also suggest the alternative of just fixing the ‘delay between inputs to be irrelevant of frame time passed’.

In the Reddit replies, many agreed with the sentiment that it should be reworked. One user replied Respawn ‘need to somehow keep the timing very hard to pull off while removing the FPS factor from it’. They also argue that Respawn ‘would need to be careful not to make supergliding too easy, however, as everyone doing it off every surface would get ridiculously really quickly’.

Another user argued that Respawn should ‘Give it a 100ms window at the top of a climb‘ because it’s the ‘most balanced movement tech in the game and should be an ability for all players to be able to use’. Of course, while many agree with the OP, there are also others who disagree.

The most cynical view in the replies is that most players ‘need to worry about the basics of shooting and strafing before you even start to care about movement tech‘. Another comment argued that ‘stuff like supergliding and lurches need to keep high skill so that mistakes happen,’ meanwhile, another user disagreed with the whole sentiment that it needs to be made easier or removed.

Lastly, another user pointed out that ‘superglide is a thing that the devs didn’t intend to have in the game‘ and that people simply figured out how to do the tech movement while the ‘devs probably don’t even care or know how to make it easier for everyone to do’. Fans believe it is a bug that cannot be removed without an outcry from the community, which leaves the question of whether it should be removed or not.

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Apex Legends is available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.