The state of Apex Legends console ranked has community up in arms

The state of Apex Legends console ranked has community up in arms
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The state of Apex Legends console ranked is less than ideal according to many fans. Ranked play has gotten extremely popular in multiplayer games recently, like Fortnite, Valorant, and of course, Apex Legends. Ranked is not the easiest part of a game to pull off from a development standpoint with skill-based matchmaking and other issues, but console Apex players are having a particularly tough time.

Apex Legends console ranked has fans venting

Reddit user u/by_Zyno posted to the subreddit complaining that there’s teaming and other rampant issues in the console’s version of ranked play, which includes PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch. They said, “So in every lobby on Console you have People blatantly teaming with 6/9/12 Players. Are we just pretending that everything is fine and let them continue with this? About 50% of current Console Preds are doing this. Ranked is literally unplayable right now.”

This seems to have struck a chord with the community, as it sparked tremendous conversation online. u/Aspery- was baffled by this, “Why doesn’t respawn just have someone monitor this sub and ban these losers in the clips when stuff like this gets posted? Like I don’t understand their names are literally right there with proof they are cheating ban their a**es.”

u/bigtonyd admitted that it might be a blessing in disguise to not be good enough at the game to play ranked mode, “Sometimes I’m glad I suck so I can’t run into these creatures.” u/BackgroundProfile971 believes the developers don’t care about any sort of issues, “They will bury their heads in the sand as long as they are making enough money and there is no real threat of their revenue dropping.”

That wasn’t the only stray that EA caught, as u/AnihilationXSX added, “Worst part is they don’t care about the consoles. This has been going on for 5yrs and nothing has been done.” u/itsonlyfivedollars resigned, “At this point we all might aswell start cheating. Tired of hard work, time, and effort being wasted.”

It’s a frustrating experience for many console ranked players. They love Apex Legends and love the challenge that ranked brings, but they do not love the evidently rampant cheating that seems to come with that game mode.

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